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Comedy Tickets and Tour Dates

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Even the biggest names in comedy are always on tour. The life of a stand-up comic is a road-bound one and the profession attracts people who like to take long drives just to make folks laugh. All of that means that there’s probably several comedy tours passing through your town this very week.

Don’t let the comedy tours pass you by for not knowing. Take a look around Front Row Tickets to see which rising stars and established acts are playing clubs and theaters near you. Whether you want to see groundbreaking alt-comedy, measured-but-funny monologues from storyteller comics, or madcap performances from rubber-limbed comics who leave everything on the stage, our site’s search can help you find the comedy shows you’re looking for and the tickets to get in the door.

Comedy Tour Dates

If you have a particular comic in mind, one whose most recent set, special or album really stuck in your brain, take a look at our comprehensive listings of comedy tour dates. We can tell you where your favorite comic is going while on tour and how to find even the most-prized of tickets. Our resellers have the seats you want, letting you catch stand-up comedy tour dates when your faves are levelling rooms with proven material or trying out exciting new bits. It doesn’t matter if you want to be in a room of 40, hearing the stuff that isn’t going to make the special or in a room of 4,000 wondering where the cameras are. Our selection of tickets for a range of comedy tour dates puts you exactly where you want to be.

Comedy Show Ticket Information

Comedy show tickets are easy to come by on Front Row. All of the information you need about showtimes, door times, club location and price is easily accessible.Thanks to our intuitive and navigable site full of the best that the comedy world has to offer, your next comedy show ticket is just a few clicks away. Comedy tours from the biggest stars and one-off gigs from local talent that’s on the way up can all be found with us. Our site gives the ability to search locally and find everything funny that’s happening nearby.

We’re in the midst of a comedy boom. With the rise of video streaming sites and its insatiable need for content, more and more comics are producing more and more specials and getting them to more and more eyeballs than they ever before. Gone are the days when the type of people who sought out hour-long blocks of comedy were other comics, stand-up nerds and people who shelled out for premium cable.

That increased visibility means that more people know the names of non-superstar comics than ever before. Comics can hit the road for stand-up comedy tours with more confidence that enthusiastic crowds will be on the other end of their drive. Rather than missing out on all the best shows because of a lack of information, take a look around our collection of comedy show tickets in your immediate vicinity and see what recognizable faces are about to head through your city.

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