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 08/14/17: This is the sixth year, fans. Six years Billy Joel has been performing at Wrigley Field in Chicago during the summer. He has been playing here consecutely for the past four years though. Although this beloved artist is from the big city, New York City, he still catered to the windy city fans. He played some Chicago favorites such as "Go Cubs Go" and "24 or 6 to 4". Joel did not have any new music to offer but he still found creative ways to make the show special and keep the crowd engaged. For instance, he would literally ask the crowd at times between songs what song they wanted to hear next and would really listen. He did this multple times through out the performance, along with playing a six song long encore. This is definitely an artist that knows how to put on quite a show, and you aren't going to want to miss out on any of it! Go to now and get the best tickets at the best prices today!

05/15/2017: Maybe we haven't heard a new album from Billy Joel since 2001, but a performer of this caliber has a flair for making everyone of his hits sound fresh and new; performance after performance. Its great to see online downloads soar while Joel collects new fans as he sweeps the nation with his US concert tour. The only staging effects include eight projection screens with scenes of Joel's apple in his eye, New York. With the energy from Billy Joel'sextensive hits there's an electrifying connection with audiences as they shape each show in a unique and astonishing way while Billy Joel engages each and every audience as he offers them a choice between which two songs they would like to hear. This results in a connection that only a living legend is capable of doing as the audience shouts out louder and louder to hear one hit after another. This is one of those rare concert opportunities you don't want to miss! Secure your tickets now with and know that you'll be getting some of the best tickets available from one of the most reputable ticket sales agencies providing 25 years of exceptional service.

04/12/2017: We have some of the best Billy Joel tickets available for purchase for upcoming tours dates including his Madison Square Garden hometown shows.

Have you ever been to a piano bar without "Piano Man" being played and sung, not just sung, but it usually ends up being a full chorus with everyone in the room singing; even those that can't really sing will be seen swaying back and forth and heard crooning or moaning something. No Billy Joel concert is complete unless it includes his ballad "Piano Man” and second to that in familiarity is "Uptown Girl". makes selecting your tickets very easy with an easy to navigate webpage. If you need a little extra help, simply click on our Live Chat option. You'll find that we make it easy, affordable and efficient. That's what keeps us at the top of the charts in customer service.

Decisions, decisions, decisions... What's important to you? Do you want a concert close to you? Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor venue? Keep in mind that Billy Joel's Madison Square Garden concert places him in his very own Uptown Girl neighborhood and this will be a charged concert. Fans from all over will flock to these concerts.

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Average Billy Joel Madison Square Garden Setlist:

1. Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)
2. Pressure
3. Summer, Highland Falls
4. Vienna
5. The Entertainer
6. Zanzibar
7. The Longest Time
8. My Life
9. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
10. The Downeaster Alexa
11. New York State of Mind
12. Allentown
13. Sometimes a Fantasy
14. Keeping the Faith
15. She's Always a Woman
16. The River of Dreams
17. We Didn't Start the Fire
18. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
19. Piano Man

20. Uptown Girl
21. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
22. Big Shot
23. You May Be Right
24. Only the Good Die Young

06/22/2015: Billy Joel recently rocked the house at Bonaroo; not that anyone was expecting anything different from the rock n’ roll expert. Joel hasn’t released anything new in 20 years, but he doesn’t need to. There’s an old saying that we all know and love that goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” People have loved Joel’s work since it first came around; his music has aged like a fine wine. Fans love to sway, sing-along and groove to the nostalgia-laden anthems just as much as they always have. Billy Joel has fine-tuned his formula for a great act.

2/02/2015: What kind of crowd will be at the Billy Joel concert? Younger naysayers assume that the audience will be made up entirely of grandpas wearing sox and sandals and grannies wearing too much makeup. While those folks will be in attendance, there will surely be a lot more diversity in the demographic. Why? Because those grandpas and grannies are parents and grandparents, and they certainly have shared their love for Billy Joel through those generations. A career that has lasted decades has a fan base that crosses generations, which is one of the coolest parts about being a lifelong musician.


1/27/2015: It’s not hard for haters to dismiss Billy Joel’s career as a cycle of hot singles, alcoholism and rocky relationships. Despite all of that, he is still one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters in the history of the music business. Who’s the man behind the music? Joel was bullied when he was young, playing piano and taking ballet. He then took to boxing, and scared those bullies off with one solid punch. Throughout his childhood, he was very close to his mother, Rosalind, who was the inspiration for the song, “Rosalind’s Eyes”. He found fame through a number of early bands, eventually forming a partnership with the likes of drummer, Jon Small. Later, the two formed a short-lived rock duo, which was abruptly terminated when Joel fell in love with Small’s wife and married her in 1973. Although the two eventually divorced, his first wife pushed him into his first record label. That didn’t end up working out either, so he bought his way out of that contract and bought into a contract with Phil Ramone, who made him a star. His songs hit the top of the charts, and he even won a Grammy. Joel married and remarried several times over the years, most likely due to his alcohol problem, which he addressed and continues to work on daily. He worked incredibly hard to share his music with the world for a long time. Although he fought some personal battles along the way, his career has been a fantastic one.


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