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Hamilton Tickets

Hamilton the musical tickets are highly sought after by fans of the award-winning stage production. With its blend of hip-hop, R&B, and traditional show tunes, Hamilton tells the story of America's founding father Alexander Hamilton, and has taken the world of musical theater by storm. The musical, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has won numerous accolades and is widely regarded as one of the best musicals of the modern era. Tickets for Hamilton are in high demand and often sell out quickly, so it is important to act fast if you want to secure your seat. Fans can purchase tickets through official ticketing websites, but it's also important to be cautious of scams and fake ticket sellers. Due to its popularity, Hamilton tickets can be expensive, but the experience of seeing this groundbreaking musical live is well worth the investment. Whether you're a theater buff or just looking for an entertaining night out, attending Hamilton is a must-do experience that you won't soon forget.

2/3/2023: What is Hamilton?Hamilton the musical is a Tony Award-winning stage production that tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers. The musical was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who was inspired to create Hamilton after reading Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton. Miranda saw the potential for a unique and innovative musical that could blend hip-hop, R&B, and traditional show tunes to tell the story of Hamilton's life and legacy. The result was a groundbreaking production that was both historically accurate and musically captivating. Hamilton made its Broadway debut in 2015 and quickly became one of the hottest tickets in town, with fans and critics alike raving about its innovative blend of music, storytelling, and historical detail. Today, Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the best musicals of the modern era, and its impact can still be felt in the world of theater and beyond. Tickets for all Hamilton performances are available at

Hamilton the Musical

There is no way that Lin-Manuel Miranda knew what he had in store when he was workshopping his Alexander Hamilton rap musical in front of slightly confused open mic audiences. The historical fiction angle, the rap musical bit, the constant in-references to hip-hop that are littered both textually and melodically throughout the story of this Founding Father all could have killed this megahit in its infancy. Broadway crowds don’t tend toward hip-hop headery and vice versa, but Miranda overcame that with a mixture of incredible storytelling and piles of earworms.

Hamilton was so successful, in fact, that finding Hamilton tickets has become a profession in and of itself. There are plenty of brokers out there who want to act as a go-between for fans of the unimaginably successful musical and the box office, but we are here to tell you that Front Row Tickets is the only source you need for Hamilton tickets.

Hamilton Tickets

Hamilton tickets don’t have to be hard to find. Check our marketplace for seats in stagings of the comically popular show. Looking for Hamilton tickets in NYC, tickets where the whole thing kicked off on Broadway? We can connect you to people who want to sell theirs. Want to find tickets to the expansion rendition of Hamilton in Chicago? We can find you Second City sellers looking to get their tickets into the right hands. Whether you want Hamilton tickets in New York or Chicago, we can help you find a seat.

Hamilton National Tour Dates & Ticket Prices

Hamilton’s head honchos are making it easy for the rest of us scattered outside of these two metropolises to see their creation. Hamilton is on the road, playing long stints at theaters across the country. Hamilton tickets can be found for any tour date where tickets have gone on sale via our platform.

Front Row is both a resource and a market, allowing you to search for Hamilton tour dates and purchase tickets to the in-demand and award-winning play in one fell swoop. Thanks to our collection of Hamilton tickets, you’ll be laughing along with Alexander’s band of young revolutionary friends and crying along with everyone else before you know it.

Hamilton makes it clear that the way the story gets told is vitally important. Don’t you want to be the one telling it? The only way to relay the story of Hamilton live is to see the Broadway show when you can. Whether you need Hamilton tickets in NYC, Chicago or one of the many traveling stops, Front Row can help you pick up the necessary seats.

At the speed Hamilton ticket drops sell-out, ticket marketplaces are a low-stress way to grab Hamilton musical tickets without having to fight against bots and fast-fingered fans. You know that those countless spins of the cast recording are great, but nothing can compare to seeing it all come together live. Front Row Tickets can be your one-stop shop for passes to one of the most successful and beloved musicals of the century.

Hamilton News:

04/23/2017: Broadway or Off Broadway, take your pick! There's no Hit or Miss with Hamilton now running in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Sold out shows? Yes, it's true. But wait, have you checked out the availability here at We've gotcha covered. Come on fans, put away the cast album mp3s that lack quality, quit driving around hip-hopping in your Wayne's World karaoke car and get your rear in gear. Plan ahead with and Hamilton is here or at least near! It's running coast to coast so its somewhere in there. Diehard fans have made pilgrimages coast to coast; just so they can say they saw it everywhere. All you need to do is catch up with it somewhere. For those of you that can't quite decide. Here's the deal... It has already won the Pulitzer prize for drama and was nominated for 16 Tony Awards walking away with 11. Move over Andrew Lloyd Webber "The Phantom of the Opera" won 7 Tony Awards, that's four less Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Broadway Theatre. There, now you know where the Tony Award got its name from AND now you know where to get your Hamilton tickets, right here from - All you have to do is hip-hop your way through our ticket shop and before you know it you'll be dropping your butt in a theater seat that's smokin hot! Hamilton rocks, wait; Hamilton hip-hops!

01/24/17 - After an onstage injury in Chicago, Wayne Brady, out of the game at intermission, bounced right back into his role for subsequent performance of Hamilton; by getting back on stage and reinstating his command performance in the major role as Aaron Burr.

After Brady pulled a muscle in his calf, while storming the stage at the PrivateBank Theatre in Chicago, he had to bow out at intermission. Twitter followers were treated to seeing him laying backside up and releasing this Twitter video statement. “As I was doing ‘The Schuyler Sisters’ number, I felt a pop, and then I started limping like the world’s worst pimp, and not in a cool way either. And the pain hit me so hard at one point, all the lines just went out of my mouth. It was one of the weirdest 15 seconds I’ve ever had in show business.” This man is a race horse! It's amazing to think of him keeping up as the host of "Lets Make A Deal" and "Whose Line Is it Anyway?"

Wayne Brady is a class act. He's humble and gracious and no stranger to the Chicago press. He is currently one of the most interviewed and popular celebrities in The Windy City.

An evening with Wayne Brady, an amazing actor and singer, clearly displays his ability to keep your attention by adding something unique and memorable to this role.

Make plans now to breakout of any cabin fever you may be experiencing and usher in Spring with this captivating and entertaining hip-hop musical.

There's no such thing a bad seat to be found in the PrivateBack Theatre. has some of the best tickets available. With competitive prices it will be an easy task to select tickets that you can think of as seating upgrades compared to some of the prices to be found elsewhere. With the reasonable prices, here at, you'll find it easy to grab a hot ticket for yourself, a guest; heck, take the whole family. Be entertained. Catch up on a bit of American History. There's no better way to pique the interest of children in American History than to experience this upbeat retelling of a time of notable formation in The United States.

"What Comes Next?" - "Take a Break" - Don't "Say No to This" - Don't "Wait for It" - or you'll be saying: "What'd I Miss?" These are the titles of a handful of the songs that weave together a story that takes place in "The Room Where It Happened" - "One Last Time" - "Don't be helpless" and click to your way to tickets here.

Its such a great show that there's a chance that "You'll Be Back" to take in the musical that "Blows Us All Away" and offers us a glimpse into American history with "The Election of 1800" (another great song of lyrical hip-hop)

Reminder: Brady will be part of Chicago's Hamilton cast at PrivateBank Theatre through April 9th.

10/14/2016 - We read over and over how you can't score tickets for Lin-Manuel Miranda's historical smash hit HAMILTON, well guess what. We have them right here at

The Broadway production is, of course, fantastic, but let it be known that as this show hits the road it doesn’t miss a note, not even a bit of staging. The production could play anywhere, and guess what, it is, and it’s spreading like wildfire!

The Chicago premiere was incredible. Just like old time Hollywood with all the press vehicles parked outside ready to interview people as the exited the theater. It was quite the scene! Those who had press passes for backstage interviews felt the hip-hop vibe of this amazing production.

Its hard to believe that Lin-Manuel Miranda and President Obama sat down together in the Whitehouse for a question and answer session in preparation for the PBS special coverage of this stage hit. They were just feet away from where some of the action took place that is retold in a way that would probably have landed any performer of yesteryear in the funny farm, but now a marriage of the old and new have sealed a deal for Hamilton to play on for years.

So, you want to see HAMILTON and its impossible to get tickets, but I’m telling you, it's not true!

Here's the formula:

1) It's your Birthday: Tell all your friends and family you want to see HAMILTON. They all chip in a couple ten dollar bills, YES, they must be ten dollar bills, after all, they sport handsome Hamilton’s image.

2) Christmas is coming up, No Problem! What do you want for Christmas? Hamilton Ten Dollar Bills!

3) This list could go on and on, it’s not rocket science. Your parents are getting ready to celebrate a wedding anniversary, send them to Hamilton! - You can’t go wrong!

4) You don't need a reason other than this is another amazing thing that is taking place in our lifetime that should not be missed!

We have tickets! Keep checking back… here at our availability changes daily across the website. Sure HAMILTON tickets are hard to come by, check back daily, and when you find them, snatch them up, then go bragging to your friends where you scored. Heck, recoup a Hamilton tenspot and hold them hostage until they fork over a Ten and then tell them where to get lucky!

From Act 1: 'My Shot' - "I'm not throwing away my shot," - Don't throw away your shot for tickets to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's historical smash hit HAMILTON with tickers from

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