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5/15/17: One of the greatest country music stars is still touring. That's right fans, Garth Brooks is still on the road. He also just recently added five more shows to Cajundome. These shows will take place June 23rd- July 1st. He will not be performing alone though. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, will be perfomring alongside him! Garth is known for the connections he makes with his fan base. He was recently performing in Kansas City and handed out two guitars for two of his fans who were extremely touched by him and he likewise by them. He explained further in an interview that, "in touring what defines an artist is the kind of people that show up whenthat artist comes through town... I handed a guitar down to a young boy and there was a young lady, a very beautiful young lady, right there that thought I was handing to her. Her face lit up until she realizws I was handing it to the boy next to her. And when she saw it go to the boy next to her, her face got even happier than it did when I was handing it to her. You are the people I want to play for". This man clearly loves not only what he does, but has the fans at the center of his reason he plays and plays well. So don't wait around anymore! Get tickets at the best prices to see this country superstar and his wife, go to now!

4/9/17: The tour is on country music fans, and we have got exciting news for you. Garth Brooks just released that the tickets have been on sale since Friday! He will be touring in Kansas city till the middle of May. Tickets are running at the best seats available. Garth is not only touring the country however just to perform music. At every stop he makes he has been helping out with football camps run by and with major football players. He does this in hopes of not only contributing music to the communities he is performing in but also as a way of giving back and being one on one with the people in the community. He talked about how it is more than just teaching them the rules of the game, but also an opportunity to teach important life lessons. What a well rounded, genuine man Brooks is! Doing this not only has made an impact on these communities but also helped spread the music, people in the towns he's come to love his songs. So don't wait around now, be active in looking for a show near you to experience the whole heartedness of this phenomenal singer! Go to now and find a show along the tour near you!

2/27/17: Garth Brooks, an Oklahoma native, is an old school, classic, country musician. He has already made his way into the Country Music Hall of fame. The accomplishments don't end there though. It was just recently released that his World Tour with Trisha Yearwood sold their five millionth ticket this past Friday! Five million people, all lining up for a chance of a lifetime to see this country legend perform. This also is not an uncommon trend for Brooks, he has done this multiple times before in the past. He just recently released a video of himself personally greeting and thanking the five millionth ticket buyer. In one of their previous tours, Yearwood herself stopped the show in order to bring up people who had supported them in the past by providing fans the means needed in order to come to the shows. This is clearly a duo you do not want to miss because of how connected they are with their fans! Much is left to expect and come from Garth. Go to now and find a show along the tour near you for a great price! 

01/08/2017: Not too many of today's musical artists can boast about being named, for a fifth time, entertainer of the year by the Country Music Association. Garth offers us a "good 'ol boy" concert as he moves around the stage with his cordless microphone displaying all the vim and vigor we are use to seeing from his stage presence years ago. I'm sure Trisha has a lot to do with this as she appears to play a game of 'catch me if you can.' Brooks presents his musical artistry and physical presence on stage as effortlessly as a teen pop sensation. He has no problem drawing in concertgoers, filling spaces to capacity; sold out performances, one after another. SOLD OUT? It's true that the best seats are being snatched up venue after venue, but wait, you just arrived at We have some of the most fantastic tickets with your name about to be printed on receipt reflecting an expence thst won't break the bank. Best of all is scoring big with whomever you choose to take along. An intimate night with the one you love, your whole family or even a busload of folks that will fully enjoy this concert. No matter how you slice it, everyone is going to feel like they got the biggest piece of the Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood pie. Wherever you decide to place yourself in the audience, you're going to have a great time. Venues that offer standing room or upper level seating are no problem as Brooks and Yearwood fill every inch of acoustical space crooning solos and duets. This surprisingly charged experience with Brooks coming across larger than life turns this performlance into something special reaching out to everyone in attendance. You simply can't go wrong on this one. Go ahead and treat yourself to some fantastic seats which are just a click away here at - as Brooks said towards the end of a recent concert: “I couldn’t have asked for a better night than this one right here!” To which a fan's voice was heard over all others: “Best day ever!”

05/01/2016: Ever since Garth Brooks first appeared on the country music scene he has topped the charts and capturEd record breaking album and concert ticket sales around the world, yes, he's loved abroad. There's so much to say about this amazing performer and very many "little did you know" things that could be written here... I'll tell ya what, you go grab your tickets before they're gone and I'll think about compiling a list, so check back soon!

07/10/2015: Garth Brooks is scheduled to perform four shows this weekend in New Orleans. Fans are ecstatic, as this weekend will truly be unlike any other. Brooks will perform two shows back to back on Saturday: a daring feat for sure. The logistics involved in moving 15,000 people out of the Smoothie King Center while 15,000 more wait to get in are definitely complicated, but Brooks is dedicated to trying to make it work for his fans. Tickets are still available, so buy them here at!

06/22/2015: People might argue that Beyonce and Jay-Z are the definition of a power couple, but country fans would beg to differ! Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are both thriving in their careers. Yearwood just released a new album and landed her cookbook on the bestsellers list! She also has her own show on the Food Network: talk about a busy lady! Brooks is killing it on his current World Tour, breaking attendance records all over the country. The two made a surprise appearance at the Grand Ole Opry this past Friday night. They put on a great show, singing several of their favorite country duets and leaving the audience awe-struck. To top it off, the couple only rehearsed on the bus ride there! There is really nothing the two of them can’t do.

06/19/2015: 27 years ago today, Garth Brooks signed with Capitol Records: the beginning of an unparalleled career in country music. The record company actually rejected Brooks at first. He played several songs for all of the top executives, only to have the label pass on his talent. The story obviously doesn’t end there. Later that week when Brooks played at the Bluebird Café, the head of A & R realized that the label had missed something spectacular in Brooks. He was definitely right. Brooks is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time among all genres. I think everyone would agree that Capitol Records really saved themselves by reconsidering him.

06/02/2015: While most of Florida is ecstatic about the Tampa Bay Lightning advancing to the finals, diehard Garth Brooks fans might be disappointed. The country legend ended up having to cancel three shows due to conflicts with the playoffs. Brooks was scheduled to perform on the same day as one of the playoff games in the Amalie Arena, and there was serious concern regarding safety if the arena were to try be ready for Brooks later in the day after the game. After he negotiated as much as he could, trying to find a solution to the problem, he and his wife Trisha Yearwood realized there was really nothing they could do. The tickets will be fully refunded and they are working on finding another, better date for the star to perform. In the meantime, Brooks congratulated the Lightning and assured them that he would be watching the series.

04/01/2015: It was Jamiee Lee’s dream to see Garth Brooks in person. She never thought she’d get to see him live in concert, so this tour was a dream come true. Lee made a creative sign that looked like a guitar that said “Garth want to swap”? She almost got kicked out for her creative sign, as other fans did not appreciate the visual obstruction. She and her friends found a way to stay, though, and eventually Garth called her onstage to swap the guitars. Jaimee explained that her disbelief was immeasurable, and that his concert that night in Sacramento was one of the best nights of her life. Garth Brooks is truly a class act.

3/4/15: Why exactly did Garth Brooks entitle his newest album, “Man Against Machine?” The country star has proven that whatever machine he was referring to is losing the battle in a bad way. Brooks is literally unstoppable. He has broken his ticket sales records in several cities across the country, often having to add shows because of increased demand. People just can’t get enough of Garth Brooks! His tour was initially supposed to kick off in Ireland but the shows were cancelled due to complications with city ordinances. A play is actually being written about the ordeal, where the main character is a music fan who suffers greatly from the roller coaster of events that eventually ended in cancellation. People are writing plays about how painful it is to lose the opportunity to see Garth Brooks perform. Avoid that agonizing pain and buy your tickets to see him here at!

2/04/2015: Let’s face it; nothing is impossible for the fantastic Garth Brooks. It isn’t surprising then, that he recently has broken his Pittsburgh ticket sales record. It’s rare that someone would reach such crazy levels of success this late in his or her career, but like we said, nothing is impossible for Garth Brooks! He will play a total of six shows during his time in Pittsburgh, and tickets are still selling for all of them. Do you have Garth Brooks fever too? Buy your tickets to the legend in action here at!

1/27/2015: Lee Brice lived his dream this past Saturday night in Boston. The singer was at Garth Brooks’ concert, having the time of his life, but things got better. Brice joined Garth on stage to sing the song that they co-wrote together, “More Than A Memory”. It was an out of this world experience for Brice to watch Garth take their song to No. 1, and performing it onstage with the star himself for thousands of people was something he never imagined even possible. He tweeted about his night among the stars with much gratitude to the legend, and Garth graciously tweeted back a “You’re welcome, pal”. What a great night!

1/22/2015: Although Garth Brooks is a musical idol for many, he has a few idols of his own. When he appeared on the Today show, he revealed two of his favorite albums: James Taylor’s “New Moonshine” and George Strait’s “Strait Country”. Brooks explained that he has worn out Strait’s album, buying the eight-track, album, cassette and CD. His appreciation for Strait’s album has crossed into the digital age, and so has his own music. Brooks’ newest album, “Man Against the Machine”, was the first album he released digitally. He struggled with the concept a little bit, as he really doesn’t like the one-song concept of iTunes. That’s why he created GhostTunes, which offers music the way artists want to share it with their fans.

1/19/2015: Garth Brooks has sold over 140,000 tickets for his nine upcoming shows at the Pepsi Center in Denver. With these crazy ticket sales, Garth shattered his previous ticket sale record at Denver. The craziest part is, he’s still selling! Garth Brooks is one of the biggest names in music right now, so jump on board the phenomenon and see him live on his tour! Buy your tickets here at

1/13/2015: Garth Brooks has outdone the King himself. His new album, “Man Against Machine”, has allowed him to climb back up to the top of the solo artist best-sellers list. This time, he was able to climb a few rungs ahead of the legendary Elvis Presley, as far as album sales go. The tally only takes sales in the US into consideration, and many Elvis fans claim that the tally does not account for several singles Presley released. Despite the controversy, this achievement is something to be wildly proud of. Even coming close to the album sales of a legend like Elvis Presley must mean that you’re doing something right. Congratulations to Garth!

10/14/14 Garth Brooks appears on stage emerging from a visually amazing, almost futuristic prop, like some sort of country music Super Hero, Then he goes on to prove that he is just that, The Super Man of County Music! At 50+ Brooks does this night after night for nearly 2 full hours with the energy of someone half his age. Who let this man loose? He flies around the stage like a pinball with his back up musicians and anything in his way appearing to be bumpers in an arcade game. Brooks is exhilarating. He hasn't lost a bit of energy since the beginning of his tour. Fans are returning to see him more than once. Bloggers can't say enough. They all seem to blog a steady stream of amazement and reports of unsurpassed entertainment, some going as far as to tweet that he has surpasses his previous career appearances. has tickets with your name printed all over them. They're holding them for you. All you need to do is round up your friends and family, pick a concert date and "click" you're on you way to what is one of the best country music venues to hit the road this year. His tour ends just before Thanksgiving in Greensburo, NC - before that, catch him while you can in Jacksonville, FL,, Lexington KY. and Minneapolis, MN.
Garth Brooks has ended his contract with the Wynn Casino in Vegas and the rumor on the street is that he will hit the road for a long-awaited 2014 tour and return to country music in the fall of 2014 Garth retired and took a prolonged hiatus from touring to focus on his family and raising his kids. Now that Garth's youngest daughter is about to graduate it's a good time for new grandfather Garth to get back to making music and touring and see if he can again rise to the top of the Country music world as he was without question the 90's favorite country artist.

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