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08/30/2014: Miley took on a philanthropic light when she took a homeless man, Jesse Helt, as her date to the VMA's and had him accept her video of the year award. The young man gave a touching speech about homelessness in L.A. His rise to fame caught the attention of many, including the cops in his native town in Oregon. Apparently, Helt violated his probabtion and there was a warrant for his arrest about 3 years ago. He knew full well that the police would recognize him, so he turned himself in shortly after the show. Many are wondering if Cyrus is going to help Jesse settle the legal matters.

8/11/14: Pucker up! Miley recently posted a charming picture of her smooching her new little friend: a piglet that she named Bubba Sue! All of the photos she has posted picture her and the little piglet in various scenes backstage on her tour. In one photo, the pop star snuggles up to Bubba Sue as she gets ready for take off on her jet. This little piglet will definitely be pampered!

07/21/2104: Many stars have fallen victim to false internet death hoaxes, and Miley Cyrus is the most recent star to suffer from such a scheme. Scammers released a snapshot from one of her music videos in which she is lying in bed with pills spilled around her. The image was captioned, "Miley Cyrus Dies of Overdose", attempting to lure distressed fans into clicking through the information. The scammers made money as users clicked through for details. Miley's disappearance from social media for a few days fueled the rumor even further. Fortunately for her fans, Miley is still very much alive and was said to be amused by the hoax.

07/08/2104: Many are talking about Miley's recent appearance in The Flaming Lips' new music video, “Blonde Superfreak Steals the Magic Brain”. While the pop star has been extraordinarily ill due to a reaction to antibiotics, she mustered up enough good humor to appear in the video. The lead singer of The Flaming Lips explained that the band was elated to be working with Miley, and that her ridiculous suggestions made great additions to the video. The video and the song have been described as very trippy, which makes sense, as the lead singer also commented that the song pertains to LSD.

07/01/2014: Since finishing up the European branch of her Bangerz tour, Miley Cyrus has been bored to bits. How do we know? The 40+ photos and videos she posted between Sunday, Jun 29th and Monday, June 30th were quite telling. In her free time, she has been making beads to decorate her late dog's grave and spending time with family, documenting each of her activities meticulously on social media. While her fans are thankful for each and every selfie, some might call her social media splurge overkill.

06/24/2014: While the daring star may seem not to have a care in the world, Miley revealed that she is striving to maintain her little sister's innocence as long as she can. Cyrus knows the life of a child star and the struggles it can present, so she explained that she is trying to keep Noah focused on the sports that she loves. She also said, however, that Noah is quite a natural in the spotlight, and definitely has the potential to be a star. Noah is currently touring with Miley, dancing on stage and supporting her big sister.

06/15/2014: Miley may have recently poked fun at her old friend Justin Bieber. She posted a picture on Instagram in which she is wearing a black t-shirt and white jeans while she shows off her tattoos on her forearm, with her bangs draped over her eyes. She entitled the picture “lookinlikebieber”. It is unsure whether or not this post was meant as an insult. Considering Miley's recent lash out at Selena Gomez, Bieber's girlfriend, it is definitely possible that the post contained ill-will.

4/17/2014: Due to the severe allergic reaction she had to taking antibiotics Miley Cyrus has had to cancel some of her upcoming concerts on her Bangerz Tour and as of Thursday morning remains hospitalized. It is unclear whether or not the singer will be healthy enough to perform her scheduled tour date Friday night at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville but Cyrus is hopeful about being released in time to sing for her fans.

4/16/2014: Miley Cyrus had to be hospitalized yesterday with a “severe allergic reaction to antibiotics” and as a result had to cancel her concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City scheduled for Tuesday night. This is the second concert Cyrus has cancelled on her Bangerz Tour due to the flu and will now be placed on medical rest by her doctors.

4/15/2014: Miley Cyrus has been under the weather the past few days but will play her scheduled concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City tonight despite feeling ill. Miley Cyrus has already cancelled one show in the past week (Charlotte 4/7) so fans are nervous about buying last minute tickets which are going for an average of $132.

4/14/2014: On Tuesday April 22nd Miley Cyrus was scheduled to perform in front of a sold out crowd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. That will no longer be the case as that night there will be a Flyers playoff game against the New York Rangers instead, prompting organizers to move the concert up a day to avoid the scheduling conflict.

4/11/2014: Miley Cyrus has been working with one of the most creative people in the music business, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. On Thursday the rocker posted a sneak preview of their upcoming project where the two cover the Beatles classic song “A Day in the Life” but were sure to put their own spin on the song. Tomorrow Cyrus will take her successful Bangerz Tour to the Palace of Auburn Hills with tickets going for 10% over her tour average at $196 per ticket.

4/10/2014: Opening up for the first real time to Elle Magazine in their latest issue former child star turned singer Miley Cyrus revealed that she struggled with depression following the breakup with former fiance Liam Hemsworth. The singer states that it got so bad that her father and former country singer Billy Ray Cyrus had to break down the door and wants to let her fans know that they are not going through these types of issues alone.

4/9/2014: In a highly unpopular decision Miley Cyrus cancelled her Charlotte concert just minutes before it was scheduled to begin on Monday and as a result many fans were hoping the same thing wouldn’t happen again on Tuesday in Raleigh. Fortunately for them it didn’t as the singer performed in front of a big crowd and will now head to Washington DC to play the Verizon Center on Thursday wherein Miley Cyrus tickets are averaging $114.

4/8/2014: Something happened that was even bizarre for Miley Cyrus yesterday, she cancelled her concert in Charlotte. The pop singer who has been known to shock people but she angered a lot of people last night as she cancelled her scheduled concert at Time Warner Cable Arena less than a half hour before it was supposed to start due being too sick to take the stage as a result of the flu. Cyrus is

4/7/2014: This month Miley Cyrus has landed on the cover of Elle Magazine in a sequined outfit that will be part of famed designer Marc Jacobs Fall collection. When she’s not at photo shoots the young singer will be performing at concerts all across the country as part of her Bangerz Tour which will take her to Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte tonight.

4/4/2014: This weekend the former child star turned pop singer Miley Cyrus will play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night. When Ms. Miley plays there tickets will be averaging $186 to see her on her Bangerz Tour which is actually the fifth cheapest show she has left on tour despite being in a major market like New York City.

4/3/2014: Miley Cyrus took over the TD Garden for the first time in five years last night in front of a sellout crowd as part of her Bangerz Tour. The show was in line with her previous performances but you could tell that the pop diva was not all there as she was still recovering from the loss of her dog Floyd the day before.

4/2/2014: Miley Cyrus is all set to perform at the TD Garden in Boston tonight but the singer took to twitter to let fans know that she might not be herself while on stage. Cyrus announced on the social media site that her dog Floyd had passed away today in a very somber post but promised to still take the stage for her legions of fans in Boston.

4/1/2014: Today Miley Cyrus posted a video to her Instagram account of her and Avril Lavigne confronting one another. In the video the two are arguing over who is the most popular person in Canada which gets catty when Miley goes as far to slap Avril Lavigne in the face in the obviously staged video.

3/28/2014: Yesterday Miley Cyrus was spotted out with fellow gal pal Emma Roberts grabbing a quick bite to eat at Kiwami, a popular sushi spot in Studio City, California. Roberts is the daughter of famous Hollywood actor Eric Roberts and niece to the effervescent actress Julia Roberts.

3/26/14: Over the past few years Miley Cyrus has ascended to the top of the pop charts and is now one of the biggest and most recognizable divas on the planet. Yesterday just went on to prove it as Skidmore College has decided to offer a summer course about the pop princess, but unfortunately twerking will not be apart of the curriculum.

3/26/14: After her show at the Amway Center on Monday night Miley Cyrus will be taking a quick break from her Bangerz Tour which began over a month ago on Valentines Day. Cyrus will be off until next Thursday April 3rd when she will resume her tour at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey for which you can find tickets here at Front Row Tickets.

3/25/14 - Last night Miley Cyrus performed at the Amway Center in Orlando for part of her Bangerz Tour. Recently Cyrus had been getting more attention for her antics rather than her music and which is apparent on stage as her latest tour focusing heavily on props and innuendos and making for one of the most captivating concerts around.

3/24/14: Miley Cyrus - No matter what she does or how outrageous it may seem Miley Cyrus can do no wrong. Over the weekend while on her Bangerz Tour Cyrus was seen spitting water on fans who seemed to love it. Tonight Miley will be stopping at the Amway Center in Orlando as part of her tour for which you can find tickets at Front Row Tickets.

3/21/14: Miley Cyrus tickets remain available for her current Bangerz Tour. She will be performing tomorrow night in Miami with a get-in price of $47 and an average ticket price of $171. Tickets have dropped 26% over the past seven days for her show so now is certainly the time to buy!

3/20/14: Miley Cyrus recently instagrammed a picture of a bruise on her buttocks, another less than subtle attempt at demonstrating how crazy she is. She was only filmed recently performing karaoke to baby Got Back, as she continues to grab headlines for all the wrong reasons.

3/19/14: Information continues to develop on Miley Cyrus’s tour bus that went up in flames early Tuesday morning en route to her next tour stop down in New Orleans, Louisiana. Earlier reports blamed protesters for lighting the bus on fire, though the cause now seems to be unknown.

3/18/14: Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz Tour continues on, but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy about it. Yesterday was the first act of violence against her, however, as protesters burned down one of the buses on her tour. Everyone was able to get out and no injuries occurred, but this is certainly something to keep an eye on in the future as protesters get more angry and violent.

3/17/14: Miley Cyrus was in studio this weekend with Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne recording a cover for the Beatles famous hit Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. He also snapped a picture of Miley with what appeared to be marijuana in the studio. Nothing surprising from the former Disney starlet, but Miley continues to do things her way with zero regard for the public’s disapproving eye.

3/14/14: While Miley has been in the news for a lot of negative of late, the singer and pop star performed an act of great generosity recently, helping make a sick fan’s dream come true with a backstage pass and meet and greet. Lulu Martinez, a young Miley fan who is currently battling leukemia, was extremely happy with Miley’s sensitivity and care and told reporters she couldn’t breathe she was so thrilled.

Miley Cyrus

3/13/14: More news regarding Miley’s controversial Bangerz Tour was released as she is currently being sued over her giant tongue that apparently injured a construction worker on set. No, it’s not Miley’s actual tongue, but a prop on the set, and Miley isn’t even the one being sued. It’s actually the equipment company that was hired to create this one of a kind prop.

Miley Cyrus might be the most widely talked about celebrity in the world right now. Miley's current approach to her craft has been at the center of both mainstream and tabloid media. Her recent VMA performance with Robin Thicke, as well as her latest videos and social media communications have created quite a stir. Although any one would create a buzz with these performances it might just strike it a bit louder when it is Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana.

Cyrus found her way into our hearts as Miley Stewart on Disney's Hannah Montana. The actress gone pop icon has come a long way from the innocent quirky stay under the radar teen star she portrayed on the show. In a manner of speaking, she is anything but under the radar now.

During her Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus had an great run as a teen actress and teen pop star. Cyrus released two albums, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus and Breakout which included hit singles See You Again and 7 Things. In addition to the albums, Cyrus went on tour with the Best of Both Worlds Tour. The tour was a monstrous success and was turned into the movie Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Tour. The Hannah Montana run concluded with the film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The movie ended with Hannah Montana finally letting her fans know she is actually Miley Stewart.

The movie's lead single The Climb was Miley's first hit to catapult her into the adult contemporary music scene. Since then Cyrus has continued to evolve her image toward a more mature audience. In 2009, she released her first album with a truly mainstream pop sound The Time of Our Lives. The hit single from the album Party in the USA peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her latest album BANGERZ includes hits We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball topped the charts at number one and is her first No. 1 hit.

Miley Cyrus recently announced her 2014 BANGERZ Tour Dates. The tour is set to kick off on Valentine's Day, February 14th in Vancouver, BC at the Rogers Arena. You can view the full Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Tour Dates at Front Row Tickets. Miley Cyrus Tickets are on sale now at Don't miss your chance to see Miley Cyrus live in concert!

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