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08/28/2014: Aerosmith's legendary album "Pump" was one of their largest successes, but success doesn't come without a price. Tyler and Perry recently opened up about the hardship that creating an album entails. The two were bursting with ideas when the album was in the works, but only the best songs made the cut. Their producer, Bruce Fairburn, could listen to the songs objectively and decide whether or not the work could be molded into a hit. The process was painful for Perry and Tyler, as the rejected songs were just as dear to them as the eventual hit songs. While you might be feeling bad for the songwriters, Fairburn's role was essential in the extraordinary success of the album. These days, with MP3's, albums have no limitation as far as how many songs they contain. The result is an abundance of albums with a plethera of mediocre songs rather than one with a succint, kick-ass song list. Fairburn allowed the group to practice economy with their work, and that made a huge difference.

8/11/14: Aerosmith had a special guest star for a second time during their show in L.A., as Johnny Depp joined the band on stage again to jam to their classic rock tunes. Depp jammed with lead guitarist Joe Perry on stage, and Perry later commented that he and Depp have been collaborating with Paul McCartney recently on some music. Steven Tyler gave a shout out to Depp when his song with the band ended, and later the Southern California Children's Chorus joined Aerosmith to close out the show with the Tyler's unforgettable “Dream On”.

07/28/2014: Aerosmith's current tour with Slash is reminding the country why they fell in love with the “Bad Boys from Boston” years ago. Last Friday night at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater, the band rocked the house in classic style. Steven Tyler had his trademarked scarves cutting through the wind on his mic stand, while he sang Back in the Saddle with his one-of-a-kind vocal chops. The rest of the band kept rollin' as he danced around the stage, strumming and drumming to some of America's favorite rock n' roll tunes.

07/21/2104: Aerosmith recently had a special guest appear on stage during their show in Boston. During the last encore of their rockin' performance, Johnny Depp joined the group on stage for a cover of the ballad, "Train Kept-A-Rollin". Although Depp's choice of wardrobe (a baseball cap and a t-shirt) may have paled in comparison to Tyler's crazy outfit and neon war-paint, his guitar skills fit right in. Depp jammed to a solo later in the song, and ended the tune in an embrace with Whitford while Tyler swung his scarf-laden microphone through the air.

07/08/2104: Even after just finishing the band's two-year Global Warming Tour on the 28th of June in London, Aerosmith is overwhelmingly excited to begin their 20-City Let Rock Rule tour in New York this coming Thursday. While crafting a set list may be difficult considering the wide range of ages that constitute Aerosmith's fan-base, Tyler explained that dishing out the favorites still as gratifying as ever, both for the band and its fans. If you like to rock, be sure not to miss the Let Rock Rule tour this summer.

07/01/2014: There is a timeless saying that states: practice makes perfect. Some have said that the voice of the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, has actually improved as he's aged. His range is impeccable, as he can still do high-pitched songs such as “Cryin” and “Don't Wanna Miss a Thing” justice. Some have said the tone of the songs has even improved. If that is the case, Steven Tyler is the classic archetype of old dog, new tricks in the rock world today.

06/23/2014: Aerosmith closed out the last day of Dowload Festival 2014 with a bang. Lead singer, Steven Tyler, sauntered on to the stage in an electric white costume as the band prepared to rock the house. The band covered “Come Together” by the Beatles in a tribute, and played two full hours of their arsenal of Rock songs. Tears were shed during one of Tyler's personal favorites, “Don't Wanna Miss a Thing” and the crowd was in awe as he played 'Dream On' on a white piano while confetti burst into the air at the song's climax. The band ended the festival on a high note, literally.

6/11/2014: As the lead guitarist of Aerosmith, Joe Perry has had an abundance of experience with performing. With Aerosmith's upcoming tour with Slash this summer, he'll log even more time on stage. In a recent interview, he was asked to recount the beginning of his “Rock Star” journey: to reflect on the band's early years. When inquired about his favorite moment of Aerosmith's career, he replied, “It’s got to be that period where you realize that all of a sudden the club that you’ve been playing in for years is crowded. Where at one time, the only people who were there were just your close friends and a small gathering of fans. I remember we had been out of Boston touring around the Midwest when ‘Dream On’ had been re-released and had gotten a lot of airplay in Boston. We came back and suddenly every place that we played was filled, from the theaters to even some of the bigger clubs. Over those next couple of months it was like, ‘Holy s—! This is really happening! People are listening to our songs!’ After all of the time and work you put into it, that’s got be the most exciting time for any band.” Be sure to catch this legendary band as they tour this summer with Slash.

4/8/2014: Aerosmith and Slash announced the dates for their 'Let Rock Rule' Tour. The summer tour will kick off at Jones Beach Theatre on July 10th and will include 21 shows. The tour finishes on Sept 12th at Open Hearth Park in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Aerosmith's last tour followed the release of their 15th studio album, Music From Another Dimension, in 2012. The band is entering its 44th year and this will be the bands 28th tour. The band is promoting the tour with a concert at Whiskey a Go Go today.

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