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03/30/2018: Country star Luke Bryan is not only topping the charts, he’s also adding deeper meaning to his music through his well crafted lyrics. His newest music video for "Most People Are Good" touches on important social issues such as uniting communities with one another and expressing how kindness can spread like a wildfire. Woven within his lyrics, Bryan reveals his support for equality as is evident in lyrics such as: "I believe you love who you love / Ain't nothing you should ever be ashamed of / I believe this world ain't half as bad as it looks." Known as one of his more serious songs to hit radio, Bryan thought the message was important to broadcast, especially in light of so many tragedies taking place around the world. In the music video, children are seen running about innocently while others are seen hugging each other with a warm embrace. The whole time, Bryan looks on proudly as he sings his introspective lyrics. Somehow he’s able to present all this as a realistic goal worthy of attaining as families are seen standing together and couples hold hands with smiles on their faces. Its evident that there is a message of harmony and hope with a feeling of reality in knowing that if we all work together, peace is attainable.

Luke had this to say about his recent chart topping single: “I think that ‘Most People Are Good’ might be one of my best songs I’ve ever recorded,” He then added: “I think it’s a song that will truly help people believe in people again. I think it’s so truthful in so many ways. We do get reminded every day of all the negativity of what humans are, and truly it’s only .001 percent of people causing all the negativity. I mean, I truly believe that.”

“Most People Are Good” is one of the singles off Bryan’s latest record, What Makes You Country. Fans can purchase the album everywhere now.

Taking in a live performance of this captivating song is well worth the ticket. A Luke Bryan concert above and beyond this single is like a really good movie or a great book that you want to experience over an over again. Don't miss your chance to experience Luke Bryan, live in concert at a location near you. has a variety of ticket options for your consideration.

08/03/17: Did you know Luke Bryan's fans actually have aproblem with his butt? The problem is they can't stop touching it! Management for him actually had to explicitly state and warn the fans to leave his behind alone, crazy! However, Luke just recently broke his own rule by allowing a humorous elderly hospice patient touch it. It is all over social media. Moving away from body parts and onto shows, Bryan may also be a judge on 2018 American Idol series. Nothing is set and stone yet however, word has it they are seriously considering him. He has a very loyal fan base that would be dedicated, hopefully, to watching to show with him in it. Want to see him before 2018 though? Not a problem! Go to now and get the best prices for the best tickets! 

06/21/17: One of our country music star favorites, Luke Bryan, is still captizating the hearts of many all over the country. Just this past week on his tour, he pulled one of his biggest fans from Georgia on stage with him. Baylee Bohrer has followed Bryan's music ever since she was 3, and is currently 7 years old! The expression on her face when she realized that the country star was going to allow her up there with him was, to say the least, priceless. She got up there and gave him a huge hug! It was such an adorable and beautiful moment, you could see this little girl's love and excitement all in that moment, and Byan's love and appreciation for her as well. He gets his love for kids most likely from his own home. Him and his wife Caroline have been blessed with two little ones over the past decade of their marriage. They also look after and are raising one of Bryan's nephews due to a tragic unexpected loss of his sister and her husband. This makes for a beautiful closenit family of five. This is a well-rounded, kind, and caring man to say the least! And his music is an extension of him and his personality, so clearly not soemthing you country music fans want to miss out on! Go to now and find the best tickets at the best prices this summer to see Luke Bryan in all his love and glory. 

05/12/17: He is on tour again country fans! Luke Bryan, one of this year's favorites, is going on tour. He has even told us his goal for his tour this year and that is to "sing good and make folks happy". He also mentions how he got this inspiration from his song "Huntin, Fishin, and Lovin' Everyday". Bryan strives to bring joy and fun to every single show he does. He tries not to get caught up and stressed in the petty details of concerts that take away from the real experience of giving a good show. He also shares that he tries not to over plan his shows and how he enjoys just feeling out the crowd and performing based on them. Luke is not afraid to make mistakes, he says sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, it's important to not let that get you down. This more peaceful and fun personality traits is most likely what contributes to this artists great success and obtained for him the love of many fans. Don't wait around, find tickets at the best prices now to see this phenomenal country singer. Go to now and buy some for a show near you! 

1/22/17: Attention all of you professional football fans. Luke Bryan has just accepted and proudly announced the privilege of singing the national anthem at the 2017 Super Bowel in Houston, Texas! This well loved nationwide country singer as been a heart throb to all for a whole decade now! He still continues to rise in popularity with each album he releases. His third yearly Crash My Playa festival just started this past Friday, January 20th. Where he began with two of his famous headliners. So don`t wait till the Super Bowl to see this country star, go to now and find good tickets and shows near you!

06/22/2015: Women all over the world have fallen head over heels for Luke Bryan. He’s the definition of a southern gentleman with the perfect balance of a goofy, wild side. He frequently makes grand gestures for his fans and his appearance at this year’s CMA’s was no exception. 500 super-fans were lucky enough to see a private show. The setting of the show was so intimate that no jumbotrons were necessary. Fans bantered with Bryan playfully from the audience throughout the show, and his retorts were all sorts of clever and charming. The Entertainer of the Year certainly earned his title, and it’s very easy to see how so many people have fallen in love with him and his music.


2/11/2015: Fans cannot wait for Luke Bryan to get back on the road again. The country heart-throb will kick off the “That’s My Kind of Night” tour in Grand Rapids. Bryan’s tours are always riddled will sell-outs, screaming fans and stunning performances, but this year holds a special kind of promise. This year has been the best year of Luke Bryan’s career: winning the CMA Entertainer of the Year, his 2013 album going double platinum, and adding six hit singles to his ever-growing collection. Such success seems impossible, but nothing is impossible when you have a voice and a butt like Luke Bryan’s. Reviews of his concerts gush about his music of course, but they never forget to pay homage to his swiveling hips. Just imagine the swagger he’ll dance with after this crazy successful year! This tour is not one you’ll want to miss, so buy your tickets here at!


2/01/2015: Luke Bryan is a man of many trades. The entertainer of the year’s talent doesn’t end with flawless vocals, signature dance moves and a unique power to bring the house down; he is also quite the songwriter. His new song, “I See You” was a collaboration between Bryan himself, and two of Nashville’s most highly acclaimed songwriters: Ashley Gorley and Luke Laird. The new hit single started off as a riff on the guitar, followed by the three songwriters throwing out lyrics like splatter paint. Later they polished up the painting, and used the crazy amount of creativity in the room to make a unique new hit for Bryan. If you listen to country radio, you’re sure to hear Bryan’s new song, “I See You”, real soon!


1/26/2015: The year of 2014 was an extraordinarily successful year for Luke Bryan. Playing to 1.7 million fans on his “That’s My Kind of Night” tour, winning the CMA Entertainer of the year award, and co-hosting the 50th ACM’s are just a few of his accomplishments. You might say that this guy’s on a roll. With this run of good fortune and fans begging to see him live again soon, Bryan has announced a new tour for this year, the “Kick the Dust Up Tour”, which will begin on May 8th in Grand Forks, N.D. This year’s tour will include seven stadium concerts jam-packed with Bryan’s flawless vocals and dance moves, as well as several guests including Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett. Bryan has a history of selling out, so buy your tickets A.S.A.P. here at!


1/20/2015: Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will be hosting the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards, and country fans nationwide could not be more excited. These guys are total hams, and are said to be a two-man comedy tour both on and off camera. Their goofing off is tasteful, however, as it is clear that they are aware when it’s time to reel it in. The two were recently asked in an interview about their favorite things in Dallas. Bryan was quick to respond with Whataburger, but the two later agreed on a more sentimental component. Dallas is one of the only places left where the true, American cowboy lifestyle still exists. To demonstrate their enthusiasm, the two finished off the interview with a complementary line-dancing display. Be sure to tune in to the ACM’s to see these two reel in the laughs and remind us what country music is all about.


1/18/2015: Luke Bryan may seem fearless onstage, but he wasn’t as brave when he was first pursuing his wife, Caroline Boyer. After a few beers and plenty of back and forth, he finally built up the courage to talk to her. Boyer admitted that Bryan was too timid to make any of the first moves, “He was such a gentleman”. After years of on and off romance, the two were wed in 2006 and now the two have welcomed two bouncing baby boys into the world. The duo was asked how they maintain such a wonderful marriage amid all the chaos of fame, and their answers were simpler than one might expect. They responded that they have coffee every morning, and Luke rubs his wife’s feet every night before bed. “She says they’re the best foot rubs on Earth”, he explained with a hint of bashfulness. This couple has definitely learned to appreciate the smaller things in life.


12/02/2014: It has always been Luke Bryan's dream to win the CMA Entertainer of the Year award, and he's finally done it! Unfortunately, that great news was followed by tremendous heartache, as Luke suffered yet another family loss with the death of his brother-in-law. Bryan was schedule to perform live at the CMT Artists of the Year show where he would accept his dream award, but instead he is staying with family in Georgia to grieve the loss of his brother-in-law and support his family. Bryan has suffered excruciating loss throughout his life, losing a brother and a sister at very young ages (39 and 26), and now losing his brother-in-law who was only 46. Bryan's humble nature, great faith, and appreciation for everything in his life most likely were a result of these tremendous losses. Although absent, Bryan will still be honored on the CMT artists of the year show and respects will be paid to his late brother-in-law.


11/20/2014: Have you ever wondered where your favorite stars would be if they never had their big break? Country superstar, Luke Bryan, said he would most likely be “driving a tractor hauling peanuts, breathing a lot of peanut dust.” Needless to say, he’s glad he found his place in the music world. He says he attributes a big part of his success to the continued support of his wife, Caroline, who was his college sweetheart. The two have ridden through Luke’s career together every step of the way, all the while figuring out parenthood and the like. Some say that the entertainment industry can take a serious toll on marriage, but Luke feels it has only made them stronger.


10/27/2014: Luke Bryan has become well known to shake his groove thing on stage for his fans, but he recently admitted that those moves won't last forever: "Ten years from now will I be on stage dancing? No I won't be. I would certainly say it will be much more tamed." Until that day comes, fans will continue to appreciate Bryan's sexy moves and his iconic rear end. There are actually fan pages dedicated solely to Bryan's behind, and Bryan has commented that he considers those pages flattering. When you reach Bryan's level of fame, even your butt becomes a hot topic.


09/25/2014: To quote one of the most popular movies of the year, Luke Bryan is on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend. The singer is said to be the biggest name in country, and his sold-out shows, endless song sales and industry awards seem to support this notion. Bryan shot for the stars once he got to Nashville, and now he's shattered them.


09/18/2014: Luke Bryan was nominated for not one, not two, but three CMA awards this year! Among those coveted awards is the honor of Entertainer of the Year. Bryan expressed that winning Entertainer of the Year has always been a dream of his, ever since he started his career in Nashville. Regardless of the outcome of the CMA's, Bryan is already a winner in the game of life, and he recognizes that. He expressed how grateful he is for each and every day that he gets to share his passion for music with his fans. The CMA's will air on Wednesday, November 5th at 8 pm. Good luck Luke! We're all rooting for you!


08/30/2014: Luke Bryan truly knows how to tug on our country's heartstrings. Collaborating with a contest sponsored by Miller Light, the cowboy heartthrob is flying in 45 soldiers to Soldier Field this coming Sunday. The servicemen and women will also be given a free stay at a hotel and free tickets to his show in Chicago. Bryan also had an endearing encounter with a little boy with Asperger's Syndrome. The little guy caught Bryan's attention when he wore a shirt that said "Luke Bryan is one of the pieces to my puzzle". It turns out that Bryan's music really helps the little boy come out of his shell, and the country superstar later gave him a surprise phone call. Bryan truly is a prince.


8/11/14: Luke Bryan's charm draws in hordes of fans, which was evident when he broke the attendance record for a single-day country music concert at Gillette Stadium near Boston on August 10th. Over 60,000 country fans came from far and near to watch the king of country work his magic. Bryan also broke an attendance record in June at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field, with over 50,000 cruning to his tunes. Needless to say, Bryan's enthralling performances are in high demand this summer.


07/22/2104: There's nothing better than watching your child fall in love with something you love, and Luke Bryan understands this well. His now four-year old son, Bo, has taken a liking to the drums. There are videos online of the little toddler jamming away on a miniature drum set. Bryan is very pleased that Bo is beginning to share his enthusiam for music, and has even had Bo come out and dance on stage with him a few times. The little guy seems to be walking right in Daddy's footsteps.


07/08/2104: An endearing video of a young Luke Bryan recently leaked online. The video features Bryan starring in one of his high school musicals. The country hunk starred with a classmate named Aubrey in the musical, 'Annie Get Your Gun'. His moves in the video are reminiscent of his moves during his concerts today, and the future star had a great time hamming it up on stage. Aubrey's husband shared the video shortly after Bryan received the Entertainer of the Year award in 2013.


07/01/2014: Luke Bryan played a completely sold-out concert at Summerfest at the Marcus Amphitheater last Saturday, for the second year in a row! Bryan rocked the crowd as he always does, but there was a little surprise for the audience in this particular show. Florida Georgia Line decided to guest star, and the crowd was absolutely hysterical. Luke Bryan, the biggest name in country, had done it again.


06/24/2014: Luke Bryan's concert this past Saturday night in Pittsburgh didn't end the way he planned. 15 fights occurred, 34 fans were hospitalized and at least 150 calls to emergency services were made: all of this mayhem stemming from the concert. The fans also trashed the parking lots, despite Bryan's request for cleanup. The Mayor was outraged by the mess, and many are wondering about possible tailgate restrictions in the future. In response to the catastrophe, Bryan posted a reminder on twitter for his fans to keep their tailgating clean and safe.


06/15/2014: Luke Bryan's southern charm and silky voice are a perfect combination. Not only have two of his shows this month have been completely sold out, but nearly the entire crowd stayed until the very last note he sang had rung out. Bryan has a winning set that gets the audience both on their feet and wiping tears from their eyes all in the same show. In a show last week, he sang a new song entitled “Drinkin' Class” which is a predicted to be a new hit to add to his winning résumé.


4/17/2014: Luke Bryan has been on a roll ever since hosting the ACM Awards two weeks ago after his single “Play It Again” jumped to #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. Bryan’s latest single also has been lighting up the Country Charts reaching number one to be his very impressive eighth number one hit.


4/16/2014: Luke Bryan may not be performing in Philadelphia until August but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get tickets to his show. On Tuesday tickets for the concert became available exclusively to Eagles season ticket holders but the rest of us will have to wait until Friday for them to go on sale to the general public.


4/15/2014: Country singer Luke Bryan has already been nominated seven times for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards but now it has been announced that Bryan will perform at the awards as well. Be sure to tune in to see Bryan, as well as Jason DeRulo, John Legend, OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons perform at the award show when it airs on May 18th.


4/11/2014: The past few days have been quite something for country singer Luke Bryan between hosting the ACM Awards and being nominated for seven Billboard Music Awards but this might be the biggest news of all. It has been reported that the second leg of his Thats My Kind of Party Tour ticket prices have increased by nearly 50% to make the average ticket price rise to $216.73.

4/10/2014: While Luke Bryan might not have brought home any hardware from the ACM Awards he co-hosted with fellow country star Blake Shelton on Sunday the exposure has helped drive sales of his latest album “Tailgates & Tanlines.” The album is now at number 79 on the Billboard charts after experiencing a 103% increase in sales and jumping 99 spots this week.

4/9/2014: Today Billboard released the list of all the nominees for their upcoming Billboard Music Awards which takes place next month. Country superstar Luke Bryan leads all artists with an impressive seven nominations in six categories, including Top Male Artist and Top Billboard 200 Artist as well as every country category.


4/8/2014: After his great job hosting the ACM Awards this past Sunday in Las Vegas US Magazine decided to publish a list of 25 things you might not know about the country megastar. Of all the things on the list some of the more interesting facts were that he plays piano by ear, the first album he ever purchased was Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” and that his fan club is called the “Nut House” because his dad is a peanut farmer. Bryan will be heading off on tour at the start of May beginning in Vancouver on the 3rd of the month.


4/7/2014: Yesterday Luke Bryan helped co-host the Academy of Country Music Awards with fellow country star Blake Shelton. The two made for a fantastic duo as they playfully joked around with one another during the telecast and taking an Oscar themed “selfie” as well. Yet despite being the host of the show Bryan wasn’t able to take home any hardware losing out on all three categories he was nominated in.

4/4/2014: Everyone knows that Luke Bryan likes to party which he has made no secret with albums such as Crash My Party and Spring Break. Yesterday Bryan made this even more well known when he stopped by the Ellen Show where the she asked him to take a shot and chug a beer in a classic scene.


4/3/2014: This weekend Luke Bryan is scheduled to co-host the American Country Music Awards with fellow country singer and judge on The Voice Blake Shelton. Bryan is up for three awards at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas this weekend including Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Male Vocalist.


4/2/2014: In preparation for his upcoming ACM Awards show taking place this weekend Luke Bryan has released a few hilarious videos of him crashing other peoples parties. So far Bryan has crashed a wedding and a baby shower but those two pale in comparison to his latest one where he crashes a boys birthday party and breaks the pinata open. You can watch the hilarious video here:

4/1/2014: Luke Bryan is famous for crashing other people's parties, but last night he was one who's party got crashed. While performing at the iHeart Radio Music Festival Bryan brought up a Make-A-Wish patient on stage with him from the crowd.

3/28/2014: This weekend tickets will go on sale for a few of Luke Bryans upcoming shows as part of his summer concert series. Over the next few days tickets will become available for Bryan’s shows in Pittsburgh, Detroit and at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey.


3/26/14: Country megastar Luke Bryan has made it well known that you can crash his party anytime. Yesterday a video began to make rounds of Luke Bryan crashing a baby shower and giving the mom to be a picture of himself to promote his fans to crash the ACM’s by voting for Bryan in their Entertainer of the Year category which will air on April 6th.


3/26/14: Today the country star Luke Bryan released a video for his song “She Get Me High” off his latest album Spring Break 6...Like We Ain’t Ever EP. The video for this song was filmed at one of Bryan’s annual concerts in Panama City Beach, Florida during college Spring Break on the beach. Bryan’s album was released a little over two weeks ago and has been climbing up the charts ever since reaching #1 for Billboard’s Country Albums.


3/25/14 - Luke Bryan took some time away from his busy schedule to shoot a promo for the upcoming 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards along with Blake Shelton. The two of which will be co-hosting the awards show which will air on CBS April 6th.


3/24/14: Luke Bryan - Luke Bryan has done it once again, the 37 year old country star has the top selling country album in America according to Billboard. Bryan’s “Spring Break 6….Like We Ain’t Ever” EP took over the top spot this week and will most likely stay there for some time as Bryan is one of country’s biggest stars with legions of devoted fans.


3/21/14: Florida Georgia Line notched their third Hot Country Song Number 1 from its debut album with their song “This is How We Roll” featuring Luke Bryan taking the top spot. Both Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan will be on tour soon so make sure to grab your tickets today from Front Row Tickets.


3/20/14: Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will be co-hosting the 2014 ACM Awards this year and promotional advertisements are already being released with the two heavyweight country stars. You can watch the ad here over at YouTube…


3/19/14: Luke Bryan has now put on record shows at in Panama City and the Houston Rodeo over the past week, so now is certainly the right time to grab tickets to an upcoming event. He will be at the Stagecoach Festival with Lee Brice on April 27th and then the Rogers Arena a few days later.


3/18/14: Luke Bryan performed at the Houston Rodeo last night and delivered an epic performance, receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Luke will continue to perform all throughout the next few months, so make sure to grab Luke Bryan tickets today for when he comes to visit your region!


3/17/14: Prognosticators expect Luke Bryan’s “Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever” EP to be in a battle with the “Frozen” soundtrack for this week’s top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. “Frozen” has occupied the top spot now for five weeks and is seeking a sixth nonconsecutive week at the top, though Bryan’s EP certainly has an opportunity to dethrone the movie soundtrack.


3/14/14: Luke Bryan released his fourth single from his Crash My Party album, titled Play It Again. Bryan has already released three #1 singles and Paly It Again will most likely make it a fourth for his platinum selling album. You can see Luke perform live by grabbing tickets here for his upcoming tour.


One of the rising stars of the country music scene, Luke Bryan was hardly an overnight success.  His career as a performer dates back to his teenage years, when he played the club scene in his native Georgia.  In the early 2000s, Bryan finally made the move to Nashville to pursue fame and fortune.  He first earned a measure of success behind the scenes as a songwriter, penning hit tunes for Travis Tritt and other notables. 

Having proven himself an able composer of songs for other people, Bryan was granted the opportunity to record his own album.  The resulting product, I'll Stay Me (2007), was a modest hit, peaking at #24 on the Billboard 200 album list and eventually earning RIAA Gold certification.  Bryan’s follow-up effort, Doin' My Thing, was released in 2009; the singles "Rain Is a Good Thing" and "Someone Else Calling You Baby" became his first #1 hits on the country charts.  Bryan has also gathered an impressive collection of awards in recent years, including Artist of the Year from the American Country Awards and Favorite Male Country Artist from the American Music Awards.

Don’t miss an opportunity to catch this talented country star in person.  You can purchase Luke Bryan tickets right here by selecting the appropriate date on the calendar provided by

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