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Elton John

Elton John’s songs are part of the global songbook at this point. Mining old-school piano hall antics, early rock n’ roll, and British balladeering, the rock legend has managed to stay busy and touring for over four decades.

John’s talent is such that he can perform any type of music better than just about anyone. Whether it’s composing classic soundtrack tunes for movies like The Lion King or burning the house down with raucous piano bangers like “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting,” the knighted songsmith is never rattled. His incredible stage presence hasn’t dimmed across his incredibly long and fruitful career.

However, all good things must come to an end. And Sir Elton is finally ready to hang up his colorful blazers. The performer is currently in the midst of a massive farewell tour, leaving fans one last chance to catch John live and making finding concert tickets all the more crucial for anyone who has ever wanted to see John perform his classic hits live. 

Elton John Farewell Tour Tickets 2022 2023

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Elton John Tickets - 2022 2023 Concert Tickets

Front Row Tickets is your source for information and tickets to Elton John’s final trip around the world for rows on rows of screaming fans. Young and old alike will pack the house for everything from “Crocodile Rock” to “The Bitch Is Back” and you need to be one of them. Research Elton John events dates using our simple and quick artist search. We make it easy for you to get in to see Elton on his final tour by keeping the information about his farewell tour dates and the means to purchase tickets to those events in one convenient location. The second you know that there are Elton John concert tickets available for the stopover he has planned in your town is the very same second that you can confirm you’re going and grab a seat. Front Row Tickets wants to get you into the arena for the Elton John concert quickly and without fuss.

John has made it clear that the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour will be his last, consisting of 300 stops around the globe running from 2022 to 2023. If you want to see Elton at a venue near you, take advantage of it. It’s literally your last chance to see Elton John live. He won’t come back around again, so anyone who needs to hear the living legend will have to do it right now. That’s stressful enough to think about without having to navigate the tricky business of second-hand ticket sales. Ease your mind by grabbing your passes to Elton John’s farewell tour as soon as you can via Front Row Tickets. 

Elton John News:

01/26/2018: Born March 25, 1947, seriously? That makes Elton John a very young 70 years old. Sir Elton John is taking his "birthday month" off and return to finish off his Farewell Tour officially in his 70’s; time really does fly. Hold it, ”Farewell Tour?", "Elton John in his 70's?" - This seems impossible, especially for those of us that use to spin 45's or save up enough odd job money from our paper route or lawn cutting to buy a whole Elton John album. Then once we had that 12” x 12” record jacket in our hands we’d read every liner note and checked out those bizarre photos and think "what the...?" and then start digging for loose change after dad’s nap in the recliner, or “I’ll put the clothes in the dryer.” hoping to find a few cents left in the washer after the final spin cycle. There was nothing like Elton John back in those days and, well, there's still nothing like him today! He embodies characteristics in an entertainer unlike any of us have ever laid our eyes on. Seeing him on TV, we'd hear comments like "He's a modern day Liberace that can sing.” and then mom or dad saying something like “Do you really think we should let the kids watch this? He's kinda, well, you know… flamboyant” There’s no doubt that Elton John kept the word “flamboyant” in standard use in the English language. We didn't know what mom and dad were talking about in their incomplete sentences and using words we never heard before. It was like being at grandma's house and picking up the party line and hearing bits and pieces about “Mr. Jones” next door and turning him into a C.I.A. agent as we shrouded him in some fantasy by hearing bits and pieces about him, when in reality he owned the shoe store. It was like that with Elton John, we’d try to put together pieces of a puzzle with shapes and sizes we never saw before. He was definitely puzzling. He was saying goodbye to The Yellow Brick Road all the time none of us realizing he owned The Rainbow. Those were very innocent times. Elton John has not been anything but himself his entire career and that's what draws sell out crowds everywhere he shows up. Don't miss out on your opportunity to bid a proper farewell to this living icon. Words cannot express the talents he embodies. He's already left his indelible mark on creation without any self centered reason to put himself though a grueling concert schedule like this. He's doing this for his fans. He's throwing a party; and you, your friends, your family, everyone is invited. If it was up to Elton, I have a feeling this would be a free for all, and in many ways it is. He's putting himself out there one last time for those who have believed in him, followed his lead, lived lives a little bit more on the edge, and made our time here together on this spinning planet somewhat more sensible. An entertainer and artist like Elton John finds in himself a unique way to reach out to people and deliver messages, that would otherwise go undelivered, through his words and music, or at least offered us some much needed diversion and in doing so planted within us memories that bring us back to more simple times. We should recognize that Sir John is one of those individuals that saw many of us through dark times; reoccurring social revolutions, fundraising events, or touching our hearts as he did so deeply by reworking his music for Princess Diana’s funeral. He has been in many places of our lives throughout the last 50 years, one peaceful note after another. How can this really be his Farewell Tour when there will be new fans saying hello to Elton for the very first time? Well, its time to dig through those vinyl records, spin one on the old turntable and start browsing for party invitations. Not too many tickets are being given away, but you've come to the right place to find some of the best tickets and some of the best prices. See you at the Farewell Tour / Concert Party!

05/04/2017: Did you miss Elton John during Leg Six of his North America "Wonderful Crazy Night" tour? Chill... he's giving us one more chance in North America with a dedicated Leg Nine concert in Moline, IL on Nov. 10, 2017. Here's the deal... if you want to see Sir. Elton John one last time in the states, then snatch up your tickets now for as little as $83 each (as of today's date). Put it off and guess what? You'll be paying more most likely much, much more. Overseas ticket sales are through the roof at over $600 a piece, unless you want to take a trip to Leeds, UK where you can have yourself a ticket for as little as $161 (as of today's date). You might as well be singing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road now or stick with and ease on down the road to Moline, IL for the Nov. 10 concert. This is truly and amazing concert. His setlist is incredible, promising no chance of disappointment from this 70 year old living legend. Diehard, diverse fans have been clicking the heels of their ruby slippers and clicking their way to some amazing tickets right here at as they have been joining Elton John for what may be the last chance to see Sir Elton in a concert tour of this magnitude. Lets hope he goes back to his Milion Dollar Piano gig at Caesar's Palace after this so we can continue to be entertained by this incredible perormer. For your consideration, here's the average setlist for what Sir John has been dishing up:

    "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding"
    "Bennie and the Jets"
    "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues"
    "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"
    "Looking Up"
    "A Good Heart"
    "Philadelphia Freedom"
    "Rocket Man"
    "Tiny Dancer"
    "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
    "Have Mercy on the Criminal"
    "Your Song"
    "Burn Down the Mission"
    "Sad Songs (Say So Much)"
    "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
    "The Bitch Is Back"
    "I'm Still Standing"
    "Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)"
    "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"


    "Candle in the Wind"
    "Crocodile Rock"


1/20/17: QUICK, you have to act now! Elton John, the legend, recently released last week the dates for his performances in April and May at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. And guess what guys, they go on sale TODAY. This show is called "The Million Dollar Piano" and we are told to expect to see his most iconic pieces over his five decade phenomenal career. This man is a top selling artist of all time, you do not want to miss out on this! Go to now and find a good time, show, and tickets for yourself and bring some friends along while you're at it! 

06/22/2015: Over the past decade, people have seen a different side of Elton John. The younger generation might know him for his elaborate parties, relationship to the royals or as a gay icon, but that’s not what Elton John has always been known for. What is the focal point of who he is? His talent, both as a pianist and a vocalist. No one who has ever attended one of his shows would soon forget that sentiment, as his musical gifts are among the most unbelievable in history. Don’t miss the legendary Elton John, and buy your tickets here at!


11/05/2014: Elton John's hit musical, Billy Elliot, is set to show in theatres soon. Later this month, a special filmed version of the production in the West End will show across the U.S. The special screening will be shown at more than 300 movie theatres in the U.S. on November 12, 15, and 18. The screening of the highly-esteemed musical includes several bonus features such as a special greeting from John, the composer for the show, and a dance number that features several actors who have played Billy Elliot over the years. You won't want to miss "Billy Elliot the Musical Live". Look for it in theatres near you!


09/01/2014: It is believed that Sir Elton John was recently involved in the rescue of a young Ukranian boy from a city being overrun by Russian tanks. The music legend met the young boy, Lev, in 2009 at an orphanage and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, John's age and marital status prevented him from adopting the young cherub. Elton John was not discouraged, as he explaind, "I won't ever give up on him, ever." Over the weekend, a bus dash, organized by a close friend of John, was able to remove Lev, his brother and his grandmother from the city. Lev's grandmother was very thankful for the rescue. Elton John's spokesman declined to comment.

Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on 25 March 1947) is an English singer, composer and pianist. In a career spanning five decades, Elton John has sold over 250 million records and has over 50 Top 40 hits, making him one of the most successful musicians of all time. His tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, ‘Candle In The Wind 1997’, is the world’s biggest selling and fastest selling single of all time. John was one of the dominant commercial forces in the rock world during the 1970s, with a string of seven consecutive #1 records on the U.S. album charts, 23 Top 40 singles, 16 Top 10 ones, and six #1 hits. His success had a profound impact on popular music, and contributed to the continued popularity of the piano in rock and roll. Key musical elements in John’s success included his melodic gifts matched with the contributions of his lyricist partner Bernie Taupin, his rich tenor and gospel-chorded piano, aggressive string arrangements, his flamboyant fashion sense and on-stage showmanship. As told by himself, his somewhat “flashy” outfits were due to the fact that he sits behind the piano and would otherwise vanish on stage. John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 and knighted in 1998. He has helped lead the fight against AIDS since the late 1980s. In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked John #49 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. He continues to be a major public figure.

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