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Event Venue/City Date/Time  
Ed Sheeran Ipswich Chantry Park
Ipswich, Suffolk
Aug 23, 2019
Fri 4:00PM
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Ed Sheeran Ipswich Chantry Park
Ipswich, Suffolk
Aug 24, 2019
Sat 4:00PM
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Ed Sheeran Ipswich Chantry Park
Ipswich, Suffolk
Aug 25, 2019
Sun 4:00PM
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Ed Sheeran Ipswich Chantry Park
Ipswich, Suffolk
Aug 26, 2019
Mon 4:00PM
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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is perhaps the world’s most unlikely superstar. Taking a look around the pop landscape, you would never expect a short, red-headed Englishman playing warm and earnest acoustic songs should not be headlining stadiums. But that’s exactly what Sheeran did.

Given that Ed Sheeran has gone from goofy, acoustic tracks to massive club hits, it’s tempting to view his climb as a steady one toward pop mega stardom. But that’s an incorrect view of the whole narrative. Sheeran started improbably huge and only got bigger.

Sheeran’s first album + went seven-times platinum in his native UK on the strength of singles like “The A Team.” But there were plenty of people who were not reached by his first album and Sheeran has targeted them with almost surgical precision in the albums that followed. He garnered millions more fans with his instant wedding anthem “Thinking Out Loud” and then followed that up with crossover hits like “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.”

Ed Sheeran Concert Tickets - 2018 2019 Tour

Whether you came into Sheeran’s work via his club-baiting later hits or you’ve been a day-one follower of the mop-topped ginger, the best way to see Sheeran’s hits live is to purchase Ed Sheeran tickets via Front Row. Ed Sheeran concert tickets can be found quickly and easily from sellers looking to get fans in the door.

Sheeran has been on the road, capitalizing on the smash success of his latest album since the end of 2017. Fans across the globe can catch the tail end of Ed Sheeran’s ÷ tour and hear the biggest hits of an always-on performer by searching through our database of Ed Sheeran concert tickets.

As Ed Sheeran makes his way across North America behind the unbelievable success of his most-recent album, tickets are going to be more in demand than ever. If you want to see Ed Sheeran on stage in 2018 2019, you have to lock down a ticket quickly. Luckily, Front Row has just what you need.

Ed Sheeran Concert Tickets & 2018 2019 Tour Dates

Ed Sheeran still has quite a few tour dates left in his global trek. His biggest fans can make sure that they’re there for “Galway Girl” even if the box office tells you that all the tickets to see Ed are sold out. Sheeran concert tickets are always available on Front Row Tickets, allowing the biggest followers of the tenderhearted singer to get as close as possible to their favorite, improbable pop star. Ed Sheeran tickets are the only way to see him perform his wide range of hits live and Front Row Tickets is the best way to find sellers of Ed Sheeran tickets.

Whether you go in for the strummy, softer sounds of “A Team” or the U2-indebted massiveness of “Castle on the Hill,” you can see Sheeran belt them to the back of the room as he traverses the globe in spite of everything.

Take a look through Ed Sheeran’s tour dates and see when the closest show is near you. Our easy-to-use search function allows people to find Sheeran tickets quickly and easily. Once you have found them, grab up your seats to see Sheeran whenever he comes near to your town time and again. Check back with Front Row Tickets to find the best Ed Sheeran tickets as he continues to garner fans from ever-more-expansive crossover albums.

Ed Sheeran News:

01/28/2018: Ed Sheeran just came off what many agree has been the most successful year of his career. In 2017, his “Divide” album climbed and topped the charts all over the world, with sold out stadiums and entire arenas on his "The ÷ Tour". Ed's Christmas gift to his fans were happily received with his appearances at three Jingle Ball l related events during December, helping us close the books on 2 017. The “Shape of You” singer was called a hero for saving vinyl music sales, being credited for adding to a list of huge sales on our old friends, the 12" records. Sheeran's album release “Divide” at 33 1/3 may have been the single most selling spin in 2017. As many predicted Ed took in the 2018 Grammy award for be pop vocal performance and pop vocal album. Many of us may remember after the Grammy nominations were announced in late 2017 when fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment over a lack of recognition. I think its safe to say that the two 2018 Grammy Awards he won have healed any wounds of being overlooked, although there’s still plenty to be said on Twitter one way or another, the fact of the matter is that HE WON! Beyond these shining achievements Sheeran will have many moments to celebrate for years and years to come.


10/24/17: This artist climbed his way up and is loving the view up there. Yes, that's right fans, I'm talking about Ed Sheeran. This past year alone has set Sheeran at new records. With his new album Divide he released the two smash hit singles, "Castle on a Hill" and "Shape of You". These releases put him as the first ever to have two singles on the Top 10 chart at the same time. The album also was a HUGE success, hitting as the top selling album after only one week of being released. Divide sold over 2,000,000 copies in the U.S. alone, and 2.1m in the UK! In his personal life, he is also thriving. Ed is currently dating his highschool sweetheart, they've been together since 2015. He is scheduled to be on tour currently but has canceled many of his shows already due to his most recent injury. He will be sure to be back at it soon though! Go to now and find the best tickets at the best prices now to see this world-wide phenomenon. 

8/9/17: Ed Sheeran along with being on popular TV shows, is also dipping into charity events. He just recently joined the Amnesty International's Give a Home concert series. This basically entails musicians across the world  performing small concerts in comfort of peoples own home all on the same day! This one day campaign is aimed at raising awareness for those who have been forced to leave their homes. What's interesting is that many of the performing artists are refugees themselves. Sheeran is probably the biggest name on the list of artists who joined the campaign. In times of great suffering these shows offer a sense of hope to the people. One of the fellow artists commented on this stating, "of couse we have a war. We are suffering. I feel like it's my responsibility to make them feel happy". These shows will collectively be taking place on September 20th. What an amazing cause to join for this amazing artist. Want to see him in action for yourself? Great! Go to now and buy the best tickets at the best prices!


 7/30/17: Pop star and now rising TV star? That's right fans, Ed Sheeran appeared this past week on one of the most popular shows out, Game of Thrones. Sheeran played a British singing soldier that draws attention to one of the main characters, Arya Stark. Right around the airing of this episode Ed deleted his Twitter account. Some fans think this is tied to him joining the show and not wanting to deal with the potential critical comments. However, he publically denies that this is the reason. He states he had always intended on leaving Twitter due to previous unnecessary mean comments and wanting to focus more on the positive things in life. He goes into more depth on his feelings about the matter by expressing that "it's just foolish to do when there's love out there in the world to look at the negative stuff". Wow, what a great outlook on life he has! Besides all this TV hype and drama, Sheeran is still performing all over the country! Don't hestitate, take advantage of the rest of the summer to make some great memories by getting tickets to see Ed Sheeran now! Go to and find them for the best prices yet!

7/7/17: Ed Sheeran is in it to win it. Just this past week in an interview the artist claimed how he hopes one day to be the "best of the best". He even admitted to say that in order to do so, he would have to produce more smash hit albums than Adele. This was a pretty lofty goal Ed is trying to reach, that's for sure. He even admits this to us  by stating that although he wants to accomplish these goals, he is well aware of the fact that he most likely will not. Considering the legacy that Adele has already left for herself, Sheeran has some pretty high dreams to reach for. Especially taking into account how hard it is for albums to stay at the top of the charts. Typically most album songs last only a few weeks before they start declining down in the ranks. For example, Ed's smash hit "Shape of You" which started out at the top of the charts for a while, and already begun its decline down, it has already been dropped at least ten spots lower than where it originally began. With stakes such as these, it'll be difficult but not totally impossible for this pop sensation to climb up. Stay tuned for more on how his progress is going! In the mean time, see him in action by going to now and getting the best prices for the best tickets! 

06/20/17: We've got a pop star that is rising and rising quickly I will add. Ed Sheeran is one of the most well known pop star singers in the nation. People are not only lining up to see him play but now to even play with him! Young singer, Kylie Price, is starting her own campaign to attempt to sing and open with Sheeran for his Dunedine show. She and her friends are currently trying to rally support through means of social media behind their cause. One of the girl's friends has even gone so far as to get a tattoo of "KPforED" on her arm, and then proceeded to post it all over social media. Frontier Touring has made no legit comment on whether or not this wish will be granted but it is heard that Kylie and her friends still have hope. This sort of determination is uncommon among a fan base but just goes to show the power and inspiration of behind the music of beloved Ed Sheeran. He is still on tour fans, so don't hesitate! Go now to and gets the best priced tickets to see this phenomenal artist doing what he loves best. 

05/30/17: If you haven't heard yet, you will hear now. At the end of Ariana Grande concert there was a terrorist attack, leaving 22 dead and over 100 injured. Along with Justin Timberlake and Eminem, Ed Sheeran has helped in urging people to donate to the victims and their families. Its been quite beautiful to see the support of fellow music stars in bringing together people to come out of themselves and give to those who have been effected by this. Sheeran not only has urged, but also raised himself, and been sending in his own personal support to the victims and their families. Along with his generosity, he's smash hit "Shape of You" is still at the top of the charts! This week it will be the 20th week of it in the Top Five on the charts! Setting a record, along with Justin Bieber's "Despacito" hit. Experience the raw talent of Ed LIVE by getting tickets to see the show. Go to now and get tickets at the best prices for a concert near you!

05/12/17: This artist is just soaring right now in the charts! Ed Sheeran and the release of his newest album held the top in the charts for weeks after it's release. Also he currently is touring all around the world. You can guess it, all the tickets sold out within the hour! People are literally missing family functions and weddings in order to be present at these amazing concerts. One fan notes that he will not be going to his friends wedding in order to be available to attend the show. This is true dedication if I've ever seen it! So don't wait around, go to now and find tickets for the next show near you at the best prices! 

04/21/2017: SOLD OUT? - This is true if you visit the official Ed Sheeran website. But wait, this may be your lucky day. We have tickets for what are otherwise listed as 'sold out' shows. Check back daily, hourly or whenever you're feeling lucky. strives to provide! While you're here, search cities near you for some other great tickets at some of the best prices. Don't forget about our live help by clicking 'Get Help' to the right of the screen of wherever you see the caption 'Chat Live'. In moments you'll get the personal attention that keeps us at the top in customer service. Want to talk to someone live? That's simple enough, feel free to call us at: 888-856-7835. We've been helping people around the world for over 25 years and we're here to help you. Don't miss out on the Ed Sheeran World Tour!

04/09/2017: 86 concerts in 6 months? That breaks down to a concert every other day! For Sheeran this is invigorating. The proof of this is the fact that each concert gets better and better. For the concertgoer this makes for a surefire ticket to a great experience.

Sheeran will land himself in North American continuing his Divide tour over the summer months beginning in the heartland; Kansas City, MO on June 29th.

We haven't seen “Fire Crotch” (his not so favorite nickname) on American soil since 2015. Grab your FrontRowTickets now and plan on welcoming our “Teddy” back. Once he hits North America, sources report that we can expect James Blunt to leave footsteps on the same stages.

Your last chance to catch this amazing performer will be a two night engagement on October 6th and 7th at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

So far Sheeran has maintained a consistent setlist reflecting his chart topping album Divide. Of course his setlist reflects his most recent album, Divide. Don't worry, there's plenty of our favorite Ed Sheeran ear candy also.

Fans have really been getting quite a bang for their buck! Here’s a sample of Ed Sheeran's setlist as fans trail his 2017 Divide tour:
1. Castle on the Hill
2. Eraser
3. The A Team
4. Don't / New Man
5. Dive
6. Bloodstream
7. Happier
8. Galway Girl
9. How Would You Feel (Paean)
10. Human / I See Fire
11. Supermarket Flowers
12. Nancy Mulligan
13. Perfect
14. I'm a Mess
15. Thinking Out Loud
16. Sing

17. Shape of You
18. You Need Me, I Don't Need You
19. What Do I Know?

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