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07/10/2015: It has simply been far too long since 5 Seconds of Summer released a single. Fans are dying to hear some new material from the Aussie boys, and it is rumored that something big might be on the way! iHeartRadio recently tweeted that a big surprise would be coming from the boys in a matter of days, but then quickly deleted the tweet. Did they ruin the secret? The boys themselves have also been acting suspicious, posting new material on, a website that gives you an inside look into their everyday lives. They have also been playing a few new tunes on their tour, so something’s gotta give here. Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of some new material, and my guess is that it will be announced sooner than later.

06/22/2015: When asked about inspiration, Luke Hemmings of 5SOS cited bands like Poison, Guns N’ Roses, Blink 182 and Bon Jovi, all of which are highly respectable answers. The fans, however, were looking for something more. Everyone is wondering about Hemmings love life right now! Fellow band mates Aston Irwin and Calum Hood have their own ladies, so 5SOS fans are dying to know when Hemmings will jump on the bandwagon. Who might be waiting there for him? It’s speculated that both Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello might be around more often. He would be a lucky man either way!

06/19/2015: Do you ever wonder how musicians can perform so flawlessly with flames shooting up all around them onstage? There never seem to be any issues with the ridiculous amount of fire that graces several shows. This past Saturday, 5SOS proved that sentiment to be incorrect. While guitarist Michael Clifford was jamming out for his fans onstage, his face skimmed a flame that sent him running off-stage immediately. Fans at the show and in the twitter sphere were extremely concerned, hoping and praying that their favorite boy-band heartthrob would be alright. Other band members reassured the fans that Clifford was O.K., and he reassured them himself later when he posted a picture with bandages on his face and a thumbs up! Even the most practiced performers make mistakes, we’re just very glad that this wasn’t a fatal one!

06/02/2015: 5SOS fans at the Glasgow airport were recently very disappointed. Fans had lined up peacefully to get the chance to meet/see the world-famous Aussie boy band, only to learn that the boys had snuck out a back door. One fan commented that she was “pretty raging” that the boys had ducked out, even though the fans were being very docile. These boys are in high demand all over the world. They’ve had a very profitable tour, and should only expect the success to continue. If hundreds of fans are willing to stake out at an airport to merely catch a glance of them, how many more would pay to see them perform live? Quite a few. Are you 5SOS obsessed? We are! Buy your tickets to see them live here at!

04/15/2015: Winning radio competitions is the stuff of legends, and superfan Holly Redford knows that well. She recently one a competition in Scotland for free tickets to the concert, first class seats on the train to get there, 100 pounds spending money and a stay at a four star hotel! The little fan could not be more excited. Her Dad entered her in the competition and was elated to tell her when she won. Mr. Redford explained that Holly never stops talking about the band, and he knew this opportunity would be like a dream for her. Holly almost couldn’t put her excitement into words, but she did share that the drummer, Luke Hemmings, is her favorite. “He’s the best looking one!”, she explained. Not everyone can be as lucky as Holly with her radio competition win. Haven’t won any competitions lately? No worries! You can buy your tickets here at!

3/11/2015: Whose fan base do you think is better, 5SOS’s Family or the Vamps Fam? The two groups are a hot topic this month, requesting the opinions of the world on whose “family” is better. Both are devoted, but there is definitely merit in the 5SOS crew, seeing as how the band managed to claw itself free from the shadow of international sensation, One Direction, to create its own fan base. The Vamps had to fight through obstacles of their own to reach stardom as well, though. Either way, both bands are wonderful and it would be a shame to miss their tours. Buy your tickets here at!!

2/05/2015: What’s the best way to combat haters on social media? Jimmy Kimmel would suggest reading their posts out loud on live television. “Mean Tweets” is a new segment on his show where the stars do just that, and have a good laugh in the process. This past Monday, Kimmel hosted 5 Seconds of Summer, Drake and Josh Groban. All of the musicians participated with a hearty chuckle while they read ridiculous comments from Twitter. The boys of 5SOS read a comment where someone said they would rather bathe in their own vomit than see 5SOS on tour. I’m not so sure the author of the tweet thought that one all the way through. The boys of 5SOS are drop dead gorgeous and insanely talented, and vomit is, well, vomit. If think she’s crazy too and can’t wait to see the boy band of the century on tour, then buy your tickets here at!

1/30/2015: They always say wisdom comes with age, but maybe that’s not true for young Calum Hood. The 5SOS star recently turned 19, but he pulled an extremely ignorant stunt shortly thereafter. Hood was photographed lighting a cigarette in a gas station, right next to the gas pump. When the public got wind of this, no one was feeling sympathetic or understanding of his serious blunder. Some young fans may have made excuses for him, but the general public was not convinced. Hopefully Calum learned from the public outrage he ignited that what he did was seriously dangerous!

1/25/2015: Happy Birthday to Calum Hood! On his special day, he encouraged his fans to celebrate with him tweeting, “EVERYONE CURRENTLY NEEDS TO HAVE A DRINK RIGHT NOW BECAUSE ITS MY BIRTHDAY NO EXCUSES.” No worries Mr. Hood, your fans were very excited for you, as #HappyBirthdayCalum was all over the Twitter-sphere, as well as in several captions of pictures on Instagram. In honor of the 5SOS superstar’s birthday, here are a few fun facts you may not have known about him. His favorite movies is Monsters Inc, he had his very first kiss when he was only 13 years old, and he loves the color blue. Ever wondered about his nationality? He and his siblings are half Kiwi and half Scottish, and without 5SOS, he would have probably become a professional football player. Who knew?! Happy birthday Calum! Hope you had a good one.

1/20/2015: BBC Radio always makes sure to invite only the best talents to perform on the show. Recently, the show hosted none other than Meghan Trainor. The All About that Bass star covered a lesser known single by 5 Seconds of Summer called “Don’t Stop”. Trainor commented that she had met the boys, or a boy, of 5SOS on the Jingle Ball Tour, and she found them very sweet. She also loved this single of theirs, and she definitely put her own twist on it. Originally an up-beat pop-punk tune, Trainor covered it with her doo-wop vocals and a ukulele. It’s always cool to see artists putting their own flavor into songs we know and love.

1/18/2015: Just dying to know what 5 Seconds of Summer will be doing next?? Well look no further! The latest rumors about the superstar Aussie boy band suggest that a new song may have leaked on the web. The song is said to be entitled, “I Can’t Remember”, and describes a youthful night of fun mixed with a bit of self-inflicted amnesia. Many are anxious to find out if the song will be officially released soon. It just might become the anthem of party people around the world.

12/01/2014: Band member Michael Clifford has allegedly been flirting with superstar, Taylor Swift, over the twitter sphere. The two engaged in a number of congratulatory, borderline flirty tweets that spiked everyone's curiousity, especially after hearing about Swift's little texting fling with Matt Healy. Will the 5SOS hottie be able to win her over? Or will Matt Healy of the 1975's sweep her off her feet? Only time will tell!

5 Seconds of Summer, known by their fans as 5SOS, is one of the hottest up and coming boy bands to date. The members of the band are originally from Sydney and began making music together in 2011. The “fantastic four” include Michael Clifford on guitar and vocals, Luke Hemmings on lead vocals and guitar, Calum Hood on bass and vocals, and Ashton Irwin on drums and vocals. The Aussie boys rose to fame first as Youtube stars. After gaining a relatively large following from their cover videos, 5SOS released their first EP entitled Unplugged, which topped charts in Australia, New Zealand and Sweden. The band's international following augmented significantly when Louis Tomlinson of One Direction tweeted the link to one of their videos, and later One Direction invited 5SOS to join them on their Take Me Home tour. 5SOS released their debut album, named 5 Seconds of Summer on June 27, 2014. Their influences include Green Day, Boys Like Girls, and Busted, and their music has beeen called mix of “pop punk” and “pop rock”. Every kid loves summer, and teens all over the world are loving 5 Seconds of Summer.

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