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07/10/2015: Have you been able to make it out to one of Mumford and Sons’ live shows? If not, you’re in luck! Pandora has partnered with the Grammy-winning group to add a “Mumford and Sons Live” station to the internet radio hotspot. The idea was a hit, as over 1 million listeners have added the station to their personalized radio. You can now turn any destination into a live Mumford and Sons concert! The station is great, but the shows are better. Buy your tickets to see the band that swept the world off its feet here at!

06/22/2015: Mumford and sons always put on a great show, and they recently had a very special guest appearance during their concert in Chicago. His name is Stanley, and he was accompanied by a few of the Blackhawks themselves. The Blackhawks admitted that they are pretty big fans of Mumford and Sons, and prompted each member of the band to drink from the cup. The crowd went wild for their hometown heroes. It was a night to remember.

06/19/2015: As it is evident in their sound, Mumford and Sons has grown a lot between their last album and the release of their latest one. Marcus Mumford explained that he backed off quite a bit on the song-writing and design of the songs. Fellow band member Ben Lovett was in total agreement, explaining that the new album is definitely more representative of a team effort in writing rather than Marcus’ own masterpiece. “We’ve just grown to respect each other’s writing a lot more”, Lovett commented. The members of the band are still bewildered by the success they have enjoyed, and thus are very humble. They love playing alongside other successful band in concerts and musical festivals, saying, “It’s kind of like a dream come true. It’s all our favorite bands. We watch from the side of the stage-we’re like kids”. Seeing Mumford and Sons in concert sounds like a dream come true, too! Buy your tickets here at!

06/02/2015: While many have criticized Mumford and Sons for their change in direction, the critics and the haters aren’t having a very profound effect on the neo-folk rockers. In one of their recent concerts, the band’s new material provided a diverse sounds that had the audience on the edge of their seat for the entire show. True Mumford fans are ecstatic about the band’s new sound, as they’re expanding their horizons and exploring different areas of their talent. P>

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