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04/26/2016: Okay, if this has been going on since 1973, how many pounds of facial greasepaint makeup could this possibly total, Tons? Its hard to believe these black and white heavy metal rockers have sold over 100 million albums worldwide since their inception in 1973.

It’s been over 40 years since KISS hit the stage and they still remain surprisingly and satisfyingly popular, drawing in new fans, Crazy! This bashing tour de force continues to sell out shows wherever they lay a kiss upon mother nature’s surface. The last stats read number 10 on VH1's list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, and made #1 on Hit Parader's list of Top 100 Live Bands.

For us old-timers, hardly, we spent our last dime working the oddest jobs to buy the largest possible Pioneer speakers big enough to shake the entire home from our basement lair when mom and dad weren't home. Yup, vinyl at home and what an odd marriage to blast a cassette tape sound system from the Dodge Dart with enough vibe to rattle the handles on the windows not only giving us the best dang sound system in town, but also strong enough to slowly shake those handles loose for the windows to slowly lower the glass, just enough to let the sound escape a bit, okay, alot, and let in a little much needed fresh air!

I wasn't quite sure I wanted to attend this concert, some things are better left in the past without a ‘back to the future’ memory. Well, I took a chance, one I did not regret. Wow! What an experience to hear KISS with a somewhat updated sound, not overly tainted by modern technology, with a flashback concert roster that literally blew my mind. I was absolutely stunned. It was like drinking from the fountain of youth. That black and white makeup hides any aging. I remember a quote from some old movie, "The Stars are ageless." - Well there's a star in the makeup scheme, as I'm sure you are well aware. I'm already planning my costume for Halloween and the amp and electric guitar no longer have dust on them. That drink I took from the fountain of youth has truly inspired me to rethink having more fun in my life.

I’m looking at all these concerts online and other “blasts from the past” to be had right here. I’m also finding the availability and ticket pricing from to be in my range. I’m also having fun thinking about what to do with my renewed youth. I’m thinking Halloween, those little tricksters ringing my doorbell this coming October are going to get blasted off the porch as I overload my Peavey amp and throw a candy bar at them and tel them to go to... the mothball smelling neighbor's house, if they want to hear someone politely answering the door with a polite Adele “Hello".

There's no hello coming from the stage in this concert experience, KISS throws it in your jaw dropping face! Go for it! will fix you up. 

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