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06/22/2015: Les Misèrables, despite its name, is one of the most successful shows in all of history. It’s one of the longest running shows and has also received countless awards through a variety of organizations. What is it about this show that has instilled such longevity? Perhaps it’s the flawless soundtrack, which serves to take you on an emotional journey all by itself. Or maybe the classic tale of the struggle of human existence, with the hope of a brighter tomorrow? It could be the fearless bravery and courage associated with a revolution, or the heartbreak that accompanies the loss of a loved one. Whatever it might be, this show is definitely worth at least an evening! Find out for yourself what has kept this show running for so long, and buy your tickets here at!

2/02/2015: Les Miserables is a beautiful musical with an outstanding score and a plot that is unparalleled by any other musical of our day. But it’s more than that. Protest movements around the world have been adopting “Do You Hear the People Sing?” as their anthems for years. Recently, protesters in Hong Kong have embraced the song, reasoning that the song explains what’s going on in Hong Kong perfectly. Asian students heard the age old call to arms and decided to put their own twist on the song. They made their own versions of the tune in Catonese and set it to a thought-provoking protest video. The musical is not only a beautiful piece of art, but an inspiration to people all over the world.

1/27/2015: Tony winner Nikki M. James will be giving her final performance as Les Miserables’ Eponine on Broadway early this February. James is an extremely accomplished actress, winning a Tony for her performance in the Book of Mormon and starring in countless other shows including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and All Shook Up. She has also made several appearances on television, playing roles in 30 Rock, All is Bright, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and the Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. Needless to say, this girl has some serious experience in acting across many different genres. Don’t miss your last chance to see her perform as the lovely Eponine, and buy your tickets for Les Miserables on Broadway here at!

1/22/2015: Even the world’s longest running musical isn’t immune to technical difficulties. Although the show in London is truly a well-oiled machine and usually goes on without a hitch, the Queen’s theatre had to be evacuated during a show earlier this month due to a fire scare. It turned out that a transformer had only overheated and no damage was done to the auditorium, thank goodness. Dressed in full 19th century attire, the cast members must have been a pretty funny sight while they were milling the streets of London. Some were even seen giving directions to tourists. The show eventually went on, and it seemed the cast members were set aflame by the unexpected delay. Les Miserables is always an amazing experience, so buy your tickets to the show here at!

Les Miserables, the classic novel by Victor Hugo, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012. In 2010 the musical celebrated its 25th anniversary. Its hard to believe that the retelling of this story, in its now celebrated musical form, started out with less than favorable reviews. London’s Sunday Telegraph described the show as: “a melodrama produced with lavishness" and the London Observer couldn’t come up with much more than: "witless entertainment”. Literary scholars condemned the project for its modern entertainment interpretation of classic literature formed into a musical. “Can you hear the people sing?”, to quote one of the more powerful ensemble musical pieces in the show, the ticket sales begged to differ from the reviews. After its initial three-month run, with people clamoring to see this powerful musical, the critics revisited this modern retelling of a masterpiece and issued new more favorable reviews to save face or perhaps in fear that they might end up going to prison for stealing a loaf of bread (as the story goes for the lead player in Les Miserables).

As of October 2014, the musical has enjoyed a nonstop run since it hit the stage in October of 1985, which makes this the “Master of the House.” again, to quote one of the lighter, more humorous acts in the show.

Les Mis / (Les Miz) as it is more commonly referred to is now the second longest-running musical in the world. Its lavish 25 year anniversary celebration in London featured more than 500 performers with those who have played the lead roles over the years. More than 10,000 performances led up to this emotional celebration with countless fans in attendance that experienced the musical 10 or more times in multiple theaters with various actors in leading roles.

In the United States, The Broadway production opened in March of 1987 and ran until May of 2003. During that time there were nearly 7,000 performances, making it the fifth longest running Broadway show in history and was the second-longest at the time. The musical was nominated for 12 Tony Awards and won eight, including Best Musical and Best Original Score.

Les Mis has been translated in countless languages as it continues to tour the globe. There is even a young people’s version of this musical suitable for most junior and senior school theater programs. On a macabre side note, Its quite possible that there are more deaths on stage in this musical than any other. No worries, they all come back to life for their curtain call and standing ovation.

Broadway tickets are available through for the run scheduled through May of 2015 at the Imperial Theatre, New York City, NY (additional run dates have not been announced at this time).

I’ve been to London twice to see Les Mis and I’ve seen it once at the Imperial. Narrow seats in London, but they serve ice cream at intermission! At the Imperial you’ll experience a retro classy environment from this historical theatre built in 1923 meticulously maintained with a recently completed refurbishment. The capacity is 1,650 seats. Some people say you can still hear Broadway legends such as Ethel Merman from the original production of Gypsy if you place your ear up to a wall inside the theatre. Well, we can all dream a little, the thing is, this place makes your dreams come true. Treat your family and friends to the show of a life time through

Les Mis is an experience not to be "Les missed."

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