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01/30/2018: Spanning the globe, she is one of today’s most well known recording artists, Demi Lovato. She’s a little powerhouse and quite an act to keep up with. She can be seen climbing the charts from one continent to the next, one surprise after another, unveiling interesting and unique projects as she continually improves upon herself.

In 2017, Lovato jumped high on the charts with her “Sorry Not Sorry” single reaching No. 6 on the Billboard top 100. Later in the year she became No.1 on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart with the same track.

Lovato’s smash hit album “Tell Me You Love Me” transformed her from a young lady to a full-fledged woman producing what many regard as her best album to date. Demi pours her heart out into soulful tracks, such as “Only Forever”, “Ruin The Friendship” and “Hitchhiker”.

There’s no doubt she’s a quick learner and fully understands how to keep fans engaged such as sharing a photo of herself in a wedding dress that got fans speculating if the singer was engaged to some mysterious love interest or not. It turned out to be her “fancy dress” for her music video of “Tell Me You Love Me” single. Well, she got the tongues wagging!

In the previous year, 2016, Demi saw one of her lifetime achievements come true when she received her first Grammy Award nomination. Of course she would have enjoyed gracing the stage and accepting that award and that will happen eventually. Fans are still confused over why Lavato didn’t make the cut for the 2018 Grammy Award nominations. And perhaps its understandable why she wasn’t at the awards ceremony as she is tirelessly at work preparing to kick off her North America tour this February, 2018.

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10/27/2014: But first, let me take a selfie! Demi, who formerly struggled with major self-esteem issues, posted a photo on instagram in a black crop top displaying her toned abs for the world to see. She confidently captioned the picture, "SUP EAST COAST!!??!! #demiworldtour". Further evidence for her newfound confidence was presented when she later posted a make-up free picture. All of her fans are elated that she finally realizes how beautiful she truly is.

09/24/2014: Demi Lovato has often been described as vibrant, and so has her hair! The Disney alum is always rocking crazy colors in her long locks, and now her fans can copy her look! She is releasing a colored hair extension line for those who can't afford to/don't want to actually dye their hair. The extensions will attach like a headband and will be called "Secret Color". Lovatics, be sure to look out for the revolutionary accessories in stores near you.


08/30/2014: Lovato has recenty applauded stars like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian for revolutionizing our society's image of beauty. Stars like Kardashian, Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson do well to show women that all body types are beautiful, and their body types are far more achievable than the bony, stick-thin image that was in a few years ago. These powerful women helped Lovato to deal with her previous issues of low self esteem, and now the Disney alum is more confident than ever. She is extremely excited to start her world tour with Christina Perri and MKTO, and a lot of that excitement stems from the confidence she gained with role models like Beyonce.

08/18/14: The rumors of Demi and Selena's falling out seem to bear some truth. In a recent interview, Demi was inquired as to why she unfollowed her former "BFF" on Twitter. She replied that the two had simply "grown apart", but many speculate that Selena's beau, Justin Bieber, may have something to do with it. Many sources close to the Disney alumni have lamented that Bieber is a bad influence on Selena and that the two have a highly dysfunctional relationship. Perhaps Demi was simply tired of giving dating advice that would only be ignored.


07/22/2104: Demi Lovato is a woman of many talents, and also a woman of many hair colors. When asked how she decides on which color to dye her hair, she gave an answer that is probably the same one that an average teenage girl would give: Pinterest! The former Disney star explained that if she finds a color she really likes on Pinterest, she'll think about if for awhile and most of the time decides to apply it to her own hair. She has been quite the trend-setter lately with her silver and lavender hair, as Raven Symone is now rocking the same style.


07/08/2104: Demi Lovato has history with several former Disney Stars, Miley Cyrus included. While there were rumors that some drama occurred between them, Lovato defended Cyrus in several interviews. She explained that its hard for those who grow up as celebrities to transition into adulthood, as the country has set ideas about who they are and generally rejects change. Lovato also explained that she understands Miley's reaching for shock value with her wild behavior, but thinks it may be overshadowing her talent a bit.


07/04/2014: Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have been friends ever since the two starred on Barney together as children. Recently, however, Demi unfollowed Selena on Twitter, causing fans to question where the two former Disney stars stand with one another. Demi also tweeted about “swimming away from the bull---t” and saying goodbye to “some b***. Could these fiesty tweets be about Selena? Fans are hoping that's not the case!


06/26/2014: Demi is an enthusiastic supporter of the LGBT community. Her latest music video, “Really Don't Care”, was filmed during the LA Pride Parade earlier this month. The video features the iconic pop star dancing among fans of all colors of the rainbow, and Cher also makes an appearance!


06/15/2014: Demi, who released her fourth studio album last year, will be supporting fellow pop star Enrique Iglesias on his upcoming UK tour. The tour offers only four dates, and will visit the cities of Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Manchester this coming November.


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