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Do’s and Don’ts: A Perfect Dating Guide 

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Dating in today’s day and age can seem unsettling, especially with online dating being so popular. Sometimes you might feel like you've met a potential match only to find out that they’re nothing like their profiles. When you do luck out, though, and finally go on a date, deciding what to do can be a daunting task. From scoring great concert tickets or trying to impress your date with theater tickets, the possibilities for what to do are endless.


The infographic, Do’s and Don’ts: A Perfect Dating Guide, is essential for anyone who is new to the dating scene or is getting reintroduced to it after a breakup. The infographic includes ideas to help steer clear of conversation topics or venues that might prevent you from getting another date. Across the USA, major cities have diverse dating activities. Regardless of whether you’re in one of these cities or not, or if you’re still trying to find someone worthy of your time, these tips and statistics can be beneficial for the modern dater to keep in mind.



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